AT&T will say you have "5G E" on your 4G phone because marketing trumps truth

21 December 2018
No, it's not 5G, but since 5G will be the biggest buzzword of 2019 the carrier can't just sit idly by.

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Sparrowsnews, 07 Jan 2019This is like, You will get under-display fingerprint via so... morelmao hahaha

This is like, You will get under-display fingerprint via software update...

  • a Mate 10 user

I'm happy that the industry press (including GSMarena) points it out without sugarcoating.

  • Kai Sosceles

Screw the "3g/4g/5g" readout. Give me a readout of current throughput capability.

"3.5Mbps" for example.

All of these tech names just obscure what we're all really talking about, which is speed. Let's just put the speed in the indicator instead of the obscure names.

  • Anonymous

A smart Shooter, 24 Dec 2018Keyboard warriors lead people to follow the trends, example... morehe is right. if the product is good, people will buy it regardless marketing.
but ***y is not good and without any marketing. bummer!

  • Drg84

Okay this is Nuts. Edge was supposedly able to push 1mbit. Never saw it. But at least you saw the E. But once we hit 3g things got strange. T-mobile and AT&T with their HSPA+ being called "4G" even though it's 3.5 at most, speeds that were supposed to be 50mps down and they were 20 on the best day. Then 4G LTE never hit the specified bandwidth the 4G was supposed to, followed by 4G advanced which is just a MIMO connection pushing almost the bandwidth that was promised initially. And now AT&T wants to call this 5G? Wtf!!

batteryMan, 22 Dec 2018this is exactly the reason why I hate marketing and always ... moreKeyboard warriors lead people to follow the trends, example: notch > water drop > burn pixel. This kind of marketing is very tricky.

  • Anonymous

cool. what about laws..?

  • Anonymous

The worst part is that phone manufacturers will agree to this. On top of advertising their cameras with photos taken by other devices, now they're gonna advertise a 5G radio their phones don't have

If they were actually good at marketing they would stay away from the E, we all know that stands for Edge so get ready for slow data speeds.

FinE pRinT, 23 Dec 2018Guy, they didn't tell a lie. Just take a look at the FIN... moreIt still wouldn't be allowed in the UK because fine print or not it's clearly misleading and is purposely set out to mislead.

  • FinE pRinT

Guy, they didn't tell a lie.

Just take a look at the FINE PRINT, as long as there're written in FINE PRINT, everything is LEGAL said a certain GSMA reader. He said it's your own fault if you feel dissatisfied because you are to lazy to read FINE PRINT.

  • Zero

Seems that AT&T hired Soulja in order to market it

  • Anonymous

batteryMan, 22 Dec 2018this is exactly the reason why I hate marketing and always ... moretake a look at Sony without proper marketing strategy..

I am still worry if the real 5G launch but actually specify for China's government and in reality civil can only use "5G E" but never been told, what would be the situation? Will it possible more benefit on monitoring and spying.

See, when we never get claimed speeds, then this is a similar kind of lie.

We were promised 21 mbps on 3G. The best I saw it was about 8 mbps and 2 mbps was the speed normally.
We were promised 150 mbps on 4G. The best I've seen was 50 mbps, and commonly the speed is around 10-15 mbps at best.
So, we kind of expect that 5G might promise 1 gbps, the best we might see is 100-200 mbps which is awesome and normally it should do 30-50 mbps.

I think every user has such expectations only. Not any more...

Now, if they actually give us a regular speed of around 30-70 mbps on the 4G, I wouldn't mind if they call it "5G E" or whatever...
What's in a name? What they offer is the bigger, more important thing!

Pff, why cant they just put "6G WTF" so we can feel like we are in the future? :))

  • Anonymous

As always with America and americans -- nothing is what it says on the box, and nobody is telling the truth.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2018Just put motorola mod 5G on z 2016 than device is ready, no... moreI dont see why non contract people wont buy new phones. They do buy new phones and not the latest flagships cause these phones you need a contract just cause you dont pay out that 800 euro in the day one. You will leash the phone on contract for few years.

if you want real 5G go to China or South Korea... AT&T is joke.