AT&T will say you have "5G E" on your 4G phone because marketing trumps truth

21 December 2018
No, it's not 5G, but since 5G will be the biggest buzzword of 2019 the carrier can't just sit idly by.

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This will turn around and bite AT&T: the risk that people seeing the 5G logo on their phones believing it's the real deal and therefore no need to upgrade to a true 5G phone.

  • Anonymous

Just put motorola mod 5G on z 2016 than device is ready, no wonder google didnt continue project ARA, non contract customers wont buy new phone, giving motorola has the most advance tech, even 2years ood equal other new phone

  • Anonymous

Next : 69G E (experimental)

  • Ein

This should be stopped by regulators. If not, start to figure how much they are paid under the table, or like with the health care plans, where politics and richs ones are behind the pharmacology and private insurances to bleed you each peny or left you at your own luck in the street or whatever, they don't care. Their wallet is what is important and to scam you, legal for them...

What's next 3G will be rebranded as 5G lite?

  • Anonymous

What they forget to mention is that all these people with 4g phones dont even get maximum speed of 3g technology which is up to 50Mbps , now they're out their fooling people wirh thr wonders of 5g. Reality is that the network operators will cap speeds so much there's going to be little difference. It will mainly benefit coverage, not speed, as its not in an operators interest to give you 1Gbps downloade and hog massive bandwidth.

5G is not 4G, twisting truth to how they want.. Same as it is with ''unlimited'' plans. Now I wonder how it will be unlimited on that 5G, or what G we need for it to be true...

They would never for a moment get away with that in the UK. America really needs more consumer protection and regulation.

This is absurd really. Only us tech users will know that "5G E" logo is BS, the average person will believe they're using actual 5G when they're not. This is false marketing & should be illegal.

  • LaBodilsen

5Ge = 5G Emulated?

In many countries, this is illegal.
You, the consumer, should rise and say NO to such shenanigans.

See Apple paying fines for it's fake 4G marketing on the early iPads.

This article gives headache just by reading it OoO

  • batteryMan

this is exactly the reason why I hate marketing and always see marketing as the biggest scam of the human history.

if a product is good you don't need marketing at all!
for example take a look at Tesla. they have spend absolutely zero money into marketing and everyone knows about their products. it's self marketing purely because it's a high end product!

[deleted post]Can we please refrain from cuss words on this forum? And if you're really so 'uneducated' to not take my hint, "gay" is not an insulting word. -_-

  • Anonymous

Verizon did the same scam recently.

It will work for a lot of people, just having that symbol there will get folks to upgrade.

Leave it to Harvard professors to teach that as long as sales is good, lying is allowed.
Typical American-taught method.

  • Anonymous

What is wrong with the US? Do they have absolutely no shame and no retail regulation?
This kind of thing gets shot down in most countries, based on misleading advertising and unfair competition. Unbelievable.

  • Anonymous

LOL typical american BS. I'm european, but my parents live in the US. When they got home last summer, bringing their phones with them to use them with local sim card; i couldn't believe how their phones have 4G everywhere and signal is just as strong as the 3G on my phone. Then I remembered it's common for american phones and switched their phones to WCDMA only for a test. "Miraculously", the signal didn't change LOL.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2018Which curve phone has that big forehead?!if not Samsung its s8 or s9 I guess xD