iPad mini 5 and 9.7" iPad with slimmer bezels coming next year

22 December 2018
It's said to replace the current iPad 9.7".

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  • rez1

Kiyasuriin, 23 Dec 2018sorta like Galaxy tab S4 on iOS?I just love ipad mini form factor. Just want 8.5'' horizontal display to read pdf without zooming in and out and in-housed stylus support that I don't want to lost or remember every time if I go out to take it with me.
Also, please don't take down display quality favoring lower price. It shouldn't work that way. mini always was/is a reading device major and consumption minor.
I love Android phone but not as tablet.

vasra, 23 Dec 2018But will they bend? yes ...

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2018Hope iPad Mini 5 & 9.7" iPad do not kill the 3.5mm jack... moreHope iPad Mini 5 & 9.7" iPad do not kill the 3.5mm jack

dont think they will bring back .. remove the jack from ipad is the begining that apple will remove jack for all their device ... , u know they want their costumer go on wireless ...

boNe, 26 Dec 2018"just say no to faPple, people" *you feel betterlove see people trying soo hard to stop other people from buying things from apple ...

  • boNe

"just say no to faPple, people"
*you feel better

  • Mister Bendy

Will a bent frame be a standard feature???

  • AmyThePerson

Apple: So uhmmm what do costumers want!

Costumers: Having acsess to external harddrives! lower price! better battery life! A study strong body and good build quality!

Apple: Oh of course :3 we'll make the nex gen even thinner!

  • Anonymous

Ng, 23 Dec 2018Slimmer, bent again?Don’t think Apple made a msatike again with upcoming iPad mini pro.

  • Anonymous

Will it be snap like a biscuits again?

  • Hg

The hardware specs might not be as great as the upcoming price increase. Apple preparing more fancy terms to overcharge its customers. Perhaps name it Ipad mini Pro . Maybe internal PRO is code for P=pricing R=rip O=Off .

  • Lucky

Super Excited for iPad mini 5! i have ipad mini 4 and i will definitely buy the iPad mini 5! Hope to have Rose Gold flavor this time.

  • Ng

Slimmer, bent again?

  • Svoro

Ipad mini has optional size for gaming. I hope apple will improve gpu a lot.

  • Optional

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2018Hope iPad Mini 5 & 9.7" iPad do not kill the 3.5mm jack... moreMany faces can look similar around the world but not the same. Face ID is not working on "simar face" but exactly same. It is more secure than Samsung or other brand face ID.
I still think that touch ID is much more convenient if it is fast.

  • Anonymous

Hope iPad Mini 5 & 9.7" iPad do not kill the 3.5mm jack. However I feel the 9.7" iPad should have come with the Under Display Touch ID if it must ditch home button. Ditching the home button on the 9.7" iPad which used to be a staple of iPads since 2010 now resides in the digital dustbin. Oh yeah, now the interface of iOS is MUCH HARDER to use because we are FORCED to embrace / use GESTURES on a large screen which is cumbersome. The late Steve Jobs is possibly rolling in his grave.

Couldn't the iPad 9.7" integrate the home button function with the power button together?? Press once to go to the home screen, press twice to lock. Want to unlock? Press once to wake it up. If you press hard enough, the shut down command will ask you to slide to turn off.

Another thing, I don't see how Face ID is SECURE where many faces around the world in some instances can look almost similar. Touch ID developed by (Cr)Apple is STILL MILES AHEAD in terms of SECURITY.

rez1, 23 Dec 2018Don't want any display quality compromise in mini 5; want 8... moresorta like Galaxy tab S4 on iOS?

  • vasra

But will they bend?

  • rez1

Don't want any display quality compromise in mini 5; want 8.5 mm when use horizontally (so, slightly larger box is okay); and stylus support with in-housed capability like galaxy; not just an external pencil.


ipad mini 2 still usable in 2018

Kiyasuriin, 23 Dec 2018//visits apple.com and scruntically searches for an A9 devi... moreI know there are A9 devices such as the iPhone 6S, 6Splus, iPad 2017, and the first gen iPad pros with their A9x chip. I meant that RIGHT NOW in the store of apple there is no A9 device that can be purchased, JUST FOR CLARIFICATION!