Samsung posts Q4 guidance, profit goes down 38%

08 January 2019
The sales are also declining 10% both QoQ and YoY.

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  • Mazhar Ali
  • uZa
  • 17 Jan 2019

Due Samsung now appointed non professional and non trust worthy employees .They are envolved in loot mar no any professional attitude .They are working for their own interest not sincere with company and no any mechanism to cross check these guys.

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    • v3B
    • 16 Jan 2019

    will down again since s10+ price are more higher

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      • 2Am
      • 12 Jan 2019

      this is bad. samsung didn't yet reach more than 50% market share and now its going down now

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        • AnonD-731363
        • SH3
        • 10 Jan 2019

        anonymous, 10 Jan 2019Don't lump Sony in the same group as Samsung and Apple. Son... moreAnd cost way more and barrely selling.
        Here in Slovakia we have 37 shops around the country and selling up to 10 Sony devices a year.
        Mostly people going for Xiaomi, Motorola and Huawei.
        Even Samsung not selling very well due to a low specs compared to a very high price.

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          • anonymous
          • 4S2
          • 10 Jan 2019

          AnonD-731363, 09 Jan 2019Say good bye to this old Hermint known as a King. You rei... moreDon't lump Sony in the same group as Samsung and Apple. Sony quality is way better.

            N, 09 Jan 2019Bought Note 9 Exynos last year and that is my biggest mistakei bought last year note 9 sd version best decision ever, looking foward for s10 plus:)

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              • Kenny
              • 46b
              • 09 Jan 2019

              Don't worry. The new Hole will cost more. Good Luck Samsung

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                • JOHN
                • 8x1
                • 09 Jan 2019

                Galaxy Note 10, 08 Jan 2019Samsung must focus on identity and stand-out like Apple. Th... morebro wait, wait, what are you talking about? apple is not even the same anymore, the chinese company already beaten apple, most people are more into these chinese crap nowadays,why? because is cheap otherwise they would never buy it, apple is freaking expensive plus they are not even making anything innovative (smh) that's why their sales went down, dont you read the news? even gsmarena post it couple days ago, so before you comment or say something make sure you can back it up, and for your info i dont like huawei, but i speak the true, huawei is in the spot right now most people are into huawei oppo xiaomi etc.

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                  • JOHN
                  • 8x1
                  • 09 Jan 2019

                  Anonymous, 08 Jan 2019they keep releasing the same iterations with no change cont... morelol, you funny af

                    Luxor, 09 Jan 2019Can't compare with Apple that rely too heavily on its iphon... moreTrue, though the mobile division does is a big chunk of their company. That's what most know them for.

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                      • Phinch
                      • 3DR
                      • 09 Jan 2019

                      From experience in selling phones, I believe this is due to Huawei.... Both Apple and Samsung's seem to have dipped in sales, Hopefully people are now seeing there are more than two phones on the Market, For years all I've heard customer ask which is better Apple or Samsung, or they've described their needs and I've found the perfect phone, but because its not apple or Samsung they look almost disgusted I've suggested another brand

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                        • AnonD-731363
                        • SH3
                        • 09 Jan 2019

                        Say good bye to this old Hermint known as a King.
                        You reign for too long now its tme to give sceptre to chinese brands which offers equal or better quality and speed for a much friendly price.
                        Nooone wants to support a greed called Samsung, Sony or Apple.

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                          • 0BE
                          • 09 Jan 2019

                          when you believe your customers are sheep like apple's ones, but they aren't

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                            • Luxor
                            • KZK
                            • 09 Jan 2019

                            Walter C. Dornez, 08 Jan 2019Gonna have to work harder Samsung. Even Apple is having troubleCan't compare with Apple that rely too heavily on its iphone business. Thats why they fail. Samsung did worked harder. Except not on smartphone. I watched their CES 2019 event. Samsung introduced some robots and its not a vacuum! Not one not two but a total of four. I'm impressed with Bot Care, Bot Retail, Bot Air and GEMS. Their new microled tv is great too. Some new fridge, gaming laptop, space monitor and new 8K tv. Even LG did few innovative tech that impressed me too like their rollable tv and homebrew beer maker. And Apple did what? Ugly triple camera? LG be like, "Hold my beer". Lol.

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                              • IVL
                              • 09 Jan 2019

                              VadinisN9, 08 Jan 2019Note 9 is epic device not like crap Huawei. If you have not... moreBought Note 9 Exynos last year and that is my biggest mistake

                                Luxor, 08 Jan 2019On the bright side, Samsung still brave enough to reveal th... moreApple will be giving profits and revenue numbers.

                                What they, and Samsung, Huawei, Sony, etc etc etc etc, will not be disclosing anymore is the total number of devices sold.

                                  I explained to your, my dear from the GSMARENA staff, and dear users who post on this website, early March 2018, as financially, Samsung will have serious problems with lowering the profit margin. And look real life, it gives me justice once again....hehehehe...
                                  I announce your, today, that I bought the Samsung S9 in DECEMBER 2018, and the unpleasant surprise for me. The phone malfunctioned on the first day of use..:)
                                  I urgently sent him back to the retailer. I'm waiting for O.K now to replace my phone with another one. (I hope it works)
                                  I had time to compare it to the other phone I bought, LeEco Pro 3, in February 2018.
                                  Differences are minor, but major, at the cost of each.

                                    Anonymous, 08 Jan 2019Excellent news. Their price-copying of Apple turned against... morePrice copying ???
                                    The BS Apple still holds 400 $ for iPhone 6S,500$ for iPhone 7,700$ for iPhone 8 and 790 for iPhone 8+,IPhone X being excellent 1000 $ base model and rising it's price depending on storage and XR being around 850$ base memory,XS being 1400$ base storage and rising and the biggest capacity costing 2000 $. ALL NEW
                                    Samsung S7 edge is 250$,S8 is 350$,S8+ is 420$,S9 is 500$ and S9+ is 700-750$.Note 8 is down to 560$ and Note 9 is 750$ or 1k$ for the 512 Gb version. ALL NEW
                                    You also get wireless charger,earbuds,adapters 2-3 of them in each package.
                                    It's absurd to compare the amazing and great Samsung to this thing called Apple.

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                                      • T M
                                      • IbE
                                      • 08 Jan 2019

                                      Anonymous, 08 Jan 2019People were waiting for new 7nm chips and s10 profits will ... moreLOL! Get real.

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                                        • Chee Khuan
                                        • vV5
                                        • 08 Jan 2019

                                        Anonymous, 08 Jan 2019Samsung's real problem is low end and midrange phones they ... moreYes, SAMSUNG is cheating their phone buyers with a higher price but outdated processor.

                                        For example, J6+ is selling at USD250 in my country and it is using an outdated Qualcomm Snapdragon 425.

                                        With a cheaper price of USD225, I can buy an octa core processor phone already.