Sony Xperia XZ4 case compared to the size of an Xperia XZ Premium

10 January 2019
In case you were worried that the 6.5" 21:9 screen will make the XZ4 too big.

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  • Lord

Chines company are using their money in there different ways :
1) pushing their cell-phones (as all other their junks) to the world by reducing costs and more useless options.
2) make their cell-phones as a disposable products, to push people to continuous buying their new products
3) pay to some marketing persons to change people mind from buying other products to the chines

  • AnonD-826051

Super Dave 01, 23 Jan 2019Well 1101001 I do have positive post you just need to learn... moreI was talking about user you tried to communicate.. you know that guy with 37 mobile shops (Poland/Slovakia) and 4750 posts full of critics for non-chinese devices. Look at his threads. There are 8 posting rules for commenting; article 5 and 6 are the most common ones from this user. That's why I said just ignore him. Peace!

AnonD-826051, 12 Jan 2019Just ignore him, I mean look at all his posts. It's all jus... moreWell 1101001 I do have positive post you just need to learn how to read and yes I'm biased towards Chinese models cause they all look alike. Sony seems to stand out ! Can't wait for the Xperia XZ4 launch next month...

60E[z], 11 Jan 2019The latest generation of xperias are beautiful. Because it ... moreWell to me Motorola were first cell phone and Sony were a first Copycat.
Sony were second phone brand ever created.
Thats all i need to know.

  • Anonymous

XZ Premium is great flagship and can Not wait to see New generation XZ4 Sony flagship 2019!!

am a huge sony fan, to be honest I don't care about bezel less design. every year i buy the sony flagship device but the most beautiful one I've owned is the xz premium. when i hold it i really feel that something beautiful in my hand. i which sony go back to 16:9 ratio boxy phone with a headphone jack

And somehow the xz premium is as gorgeous as it gets. This simply says that you may have the most futuristic design out there, but this simply doesn't mean you have a beautiful one. XZ premium screams originality and uniqueness, to gorgeous mirror look all around. It really can't pass unnoticed!

Tann Hauser, 11 Jan 2019Errm, no, you definitely get less horizontal pixels as to 1... moreOnce again, we find ourselves agreeing.
Can't stand the latest phone sizes from everyone, literally everyone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2019Definitely.. I have the XZ2 too :) I guess I will have to h... moreare you replying to your own comment? WTF dude...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2019I guess I will have to skip the XZ4 because this is serious... moreDefinitely.. I have the XZ2 too :) I guess I will have to hold it in store though when it comes out. I might get used to it. Otherwise I will have to wait for the XZ5 :(

  • sony lover

AI, 10 Jan 2019Yes, they should put a notch to be creative.U want a notch phone get out from here get other chinese phones :))

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 10 Jan 2019Man most Sony phones have weight over 200 grams. Some aroun... moreYou stubborn troll, don't you get the message? Everyone knows that you are just trolling on every single Sony article. You're a fan of Chinese **** (most probably because that's the only ones you sell in your poor shop), fair enough. BUT you NEVER comment on any Xiaomi etc thread. Your job is to bash on SOny specifically. Is this how you make your salary? Is it because Sony doesn't give you enough comission? Is it because Sony boycotted your shop? If you were not so short-sighted or troll, at least you could have commented with something useful or stick to the Xiaomi threads. Nobody is paying attention to your comments anyway..

  • Anonymous

I guess I will have to skip the XZ4 because this is seriously big. My 5.7 inch XZ2 is the sweet spot. What a shame, looks like such an amazing phone.

  • AnonD-826051

Super Dave 01, 10 Jan 2019: Well cptpower are you NUTZ ? Just looking at the XZ4 rend... moreJust ignore him, I mean look at all his posts. It's all just critics. Not a single positive post. Zero. This user bashes everything what is not chinese. CptTroll should be better.

  • miss my sony

I owned a xz1 previously and i recently turned into huawei mate 10 pro, very bad call quality, sony in that segment was impecable, better than my previous galaxy s4, s5 and note 7 as well!!!

  • Raj

anon, 11 Jan 2019wait until samsung do it, then suddenly everyone praiseslol.. So True..
And Apple fanboy's will go crazy over the 'new design' may be few years down the line. rofl

  • Anonymous

Can the good folks at GSMArena stop calling these remote control shaped phones big? They are not big, they are either long or tall, but a +6", 16:9 phone is truely big.
GSMArena are only affirming the marketing of the manufacturer's by calling these phones big, which is a fallasy.

  • Anonymous

My next SONY cell 2019!

  • anon

wait until samsung do it, then suddenly everyone praises

UltimateZeroSeconds, 11 Jan 2019As usual.. sony creates another bad design. 21:9 means you... moreI know what, because you don't have deep pocket!