HTC Wildfire S gets to Android 2.3.5 as well, no Sense 3.0 though

13 December, 2011
Much like the HTC ChaCha, though, the Wildfire S won't be getting to taste Sense UI 3.0.

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  • shashwatpns

Got it in India!, My mobile has got slower.......

  • Ear Kheng chu

Help me I still use android 2.3.3
Tell me how to upgrade it? Thanks

  • Anonymous

I got the message, how do I get the updates?

  • AnonD-34935

Finally got it in Egypt!
New Lock screen looks great, dialer bug is fixed.

  • Anonymous

got the update in the Netherlands

  • medo_25jan_2011

i got the update in egypt

  • Mehdi

I got my update too and beside a couple a new features I do not recognize major changes and maybe it is a bit slower!? Can someone explain what is this less buggy?

  • Anonymous

Got it in India

  • Serphent

I got the update in Bulgaria also with the ring lock screen but no sense 3.0

  • Prongs

Just got my update in England so i'll see what the differences are over the next few days.

  • AnonD-35019

I had to factory reset my phone to get this update.. no major improvements, but the phone does seem a little less buggy ...

  • ayush

got updates in India..

  • psc

Updated in Ireland today.

  • medo_25jan_2011

still nothing in egypt

  • medo_25jan_2011

AnonD-34935, 20 Dec 2011Still nothing in Egypt. I contacted HTC Support and their answer... morei am also from egypt, there is no updates till now
do u know when it will reach egypt?

  • AnonD-34935

Still nothing in Egypt. I contacted HTC Support and their answer was the usual, you'll get the update soon!!

  • Anonymous

I did not get the update as yet, my software information still showing as 2.3.3 and not 2.3.5, i live in India, what should i do to update the software to 2.3.5 version

  • Anonymous

yup got it, INDIA

  • Praveen

Updates are available in India. its having only Andriod 2.3.5. HTC Sense 3.0 updates are not there.

  • sillysausage

yup, got it in UK.