DxOMark now testing selfie cameras - Pixel 3 and Galaxy Note9 rated best so far

22 January 2019
DxOMark will finally test the selfie cameras on phones, already has evaluated 13 phones.

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How about they also test the smartphone cameras of the supplier of the sensor of these smartphone cameras??

    I hope someone makes a smartphone camera that rivals DSLRs from 5-10 years back. The 1st 5D had just a hair over 11 Stops of Dynamic Range and the 5D mark ii and Mark iii too didn't reach 12 Stops. DJI's 1/2.3" sensors in drones almost do 12 Stops and the 1inch sensor ones do about 12.5 stops (all obviously at base ISO).

    If a Smartphone maker can make a 1/1.2"-1/1.8" 12-18MP sensor that has 12.5+ stops of Dynamic Range, has 14-bit RAW and FullRes at 30fps with continuous autofocus, I could finally get rid of carrying my camera around. They could throw in a mechanical shutter, HEIF HDR, and 10-bit video and I would promise to buy 3 of those.

    I can't understand why developments in Smartphone photograph isn't any better, especially with the potential of smart phone processors. ILCs are actualyl a nuisance if one wants to travel light. It's easier carrying a few smartphones instead.

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      • 22 Jan 2019

      they want to make more money selling notes

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        • 22 Jan 2019

        karko, 22 Jan 2019Puhleease.. definitely NOT iPhone. iPhone selfie cameras ar... moreThats according to u...but if we wanna rate the best selfie camera, it should be the dual screen ZTE Nubia lol...as it use big camera sensor on rear to take selfie.

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          • 22 Jan 2019

          Who tests intex aqua selfie?

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            • 22 Jan 2019

            I prefer to look at real samples instead those numbers because most of the time i have different opinion and preferences than those so called professional reviewer.

            For example i prefer to get bright exposure with noise in low light so i can still see clearly what i capture instead cleaner but has darker exposure.

              how about NO! Selfie cameras are a plague of the 21st century ....

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                • 22 Jan 2019

                Shui8, 22 Jan 2019Lol the rating are weird. Top 3 should be either Pixel, Xpe... morePuhleease.. definitely NOT iPhone. iPhone selfie cameras are average at best.

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                  • 22 Jan 2019

                  Well both the Note 9 and Pixel 3 have auto focus selfie cameras

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                    • 22 Jan 2019

                    naaa...poco all the way

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                      • 22 Jan 2019

                      New paid fake review opportunities.. er we meant testing. Yeah, new and impartial testing. Exactly

                        Look at iPhones with Bionic A$$ etc...in the bottom of the list haha...

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                          • 22 Jan 2019

                          Lol the rating are weird. Top 3 should be either Pixel, Xperia and Iphone XS.

                          But Note 9? Its just average just like Mate 20 Pro with a lot of smoothning effects, makes your face looks pale. Mate 20 selfie camera at least has advantage over Note 9 because got HDR, less blown background. But both quality are only average.

                            SohailSays, 22 Jan 2019Intex? Whaaaaaaaaat?! Bwahahaha this is so cool! In the lis... moreYeah, on the same list, but a score of 22 is just sad. How bad can a camera actually be? :-O

                            Edit: Had to go and check it out, it's awful by todays standard, but even this is pretty awesome compared to just a few years back :-)

                              I was too wondering having both Mate 20 Pro and Note 9, the selfile of Note 9 was astonishingly out of the world! I could not believe it thinking that the Mate 20 Pro Selfite supposed to be the best since it has the best camera rating! My God!

                                SohailSays, 22 Jan 2019Intex? Whaaaaaaaaat?! Bwahahaha this is so cool! In the lis... moreTill now they have tested only 13 phones and Intex is the last one with a huge gap!

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                                  • 22 Jan 2019

                                  This is bulshit, s9 plus camera is way inferior to a lot of phones camera. Like HTC u11 or even HTC U Ultra.
                                  I own Galaxy S9 plus and the camera on my previous HTC U Ultra was way better.

                                    Intex? Whaaaaaaaaat?! Bwahahaha this is so cool! In the list with the top dogs!

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                                      • 22 Jan 2019

                                      Where are Those Selfie Experts😂😂😂