You can have a port-less Meizu Zero for $1299 through Indiegogo

30 January 2019
Meizu starts its crowdfunding campaign for the Meizu Zero.

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Hildr, 01 Feb 2019Not, it's in the top bezel, at the middle, really visible. ... moreYeah I found it

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2019Notch and hole are far better then portlessworse.

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2019that s so much for a spy chinese phone They remove all the ... moreMan everything is china made wake up.

LG Superfan, 31 Jan 2019Pop up?Not, it's in the top bezel, at the middle, really visible. Just look at the promo video in the article, you have to wait 17 sec. Pop-up would go against the design (since they also removed the sim trap.

Hildr, 31 Jan 2019I know it's hard to Believe it, but even without notch a ca... morePop up?

  • Anonymous

This isn't your daily driver phone. It's more of a proof of concept. That you indeed can create a fully functional phone with no ports and holes.
Why is it not a regular sales model? Because it wasn't meant to be one.
It's the result of researching different technologies that make this kind of phones possible.
People shown interest in the concept device, so it landed on Indiegogo to let those interested buy one. It's more of a proof of "We can do that" while developing new technologies - faster wireless charging, sound on display, pressure recognition on virtual buttons, smaller selfie cameras etc.

LG Superfan, 31 Jan 2019How will you video call?I know it's hard to Believe it, but even without notch a camera can be positionned in the top bezel. We can see a little round thing in the center of this phone at the top!
It is said that in old time this technology was on every phone! Can you imagine?

Joke aside, it's in the article, 20MP front facing camera.

$1299 Meizu Zero Sales!

  • Anonymous

Must be a typo. it should be $129.9

  • Anonymous

- $1299
- runs android
- chinese unheard-of brand
- no 24/7 support
- no stores in every major and minor city in the world
- no service and technician centres in every major and minor city in the world
- if it breaks you don't get an instant replacement in a matter of minutes
- updated for max 2 years with major versions of the OS
- no trade-in programs
- no free classes and trainings for any creativity software
- will lag after 6 months
- buggy UI/UX

Yeah... This is not worth more than $200-$250.

It is lower specced then my Meizu 16th that cost 1/4th of that.

  • Anonymous

So Meizu beat Apple to it.... 0 port phone and overpriced. lel

  • Anonymous

xXENDER FREAKXx, 30 Jan 2019I bet Apple will do the same in the future if they continue... morePortless seem very good looking ,yes apple is kind of vendor will do shit like this and call it "all new design" , and tag it with high price

hope the price would be less since its port-less that price though!

Silly beyond reason.

matix73, 30 Jan 2019It doesn't have oneHow will you video call?

  • MKL

Next is invisible phone for only $2000, crowdfunded.

if I have $1300 I can buy galaxy s10 which is probably about $899-$1000 and I saved $300!!!

  • Anonymous

I'll pass...
I still need ports for my phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2019Cheaper than my 512 gb iphone xs max.But yours is a Rolls Royce to his Chery...for Rolls Royce money.