You can have a port-less Meizu Zero for $1299 through Indiegogo

30 January 2019
Meizu starts its crowdfunding campaign for the Meizu Zero.

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What if I put every dollar I could into supporting this 'revolutionary' idea but it only totaled $1050. Would I then need to pay full price when a unit become's available?

  • Anonymous

I'm sorry GSMArena, I think you mean for Europe. Seeing those LTE bands, you can't use this phone in the US.

  • Anonymous

Notch and hole are far better then portless

  • Anonymous

that s so much for a spy chinese phone They remove all the ports and want to charge as if is a phone with "normal" ports and overpricing it like crApple!!?? say no to this krab!!!


  • Bm

You could have it...but why would you though?

  • hmm

Not really practical phone and for no name Chinese brand phone it's too expensive for US market or any other market in that matter.

lol crowdfunding is a clear sign they don't have faith in their own product to put money where their mouth is.


2019 the first move for fully wireless phone..

looks like there will be many issues (file transfer, recovering bricked phone, etc)

wonder if in 2025 all device will support high data transfer wirelessly and eliminate todays wireless problem..