LG V50 ThinQ flaunts a 5G Sprint logo. Might be coming to MWC 2019

16 February 2019
A leaked photo shows a similar design to the LG V40 and a clear focus on 5G connectivity for the upcoming phablet.

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"Sources also claim that said 5G device, which, we now know, will apparently be the V50 ThinQ will eventually be sold in Europe as well. That means it will get a wider availability that its V40 ThinQ predecessor."

I live in Europe and I could buy a V40 ThinQ today if I wanted. I mean... I won't, but I could. (€749)

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    • 16 Feb 2019

    So much haste and verbiage to adopt the notch and now they try very hard to hide it... It doesn't matter, i still watch it so NO.TCH buy.