Samsung Galaxy Fold is real: costs $1,980, has 6 cameras and 3-way multitasking

20 February 2019
It has a 4.6" phone screen, 7.3" tablet screen and six cameras dotted all over. The Fold will be available on April 26.

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bakassan, 21 Feb 2019apparently definitely not yourslol , I dont waste my money on thiefs who overprice their products.

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    • Anonymous
    • QSA
    • 22 Feb 2019

    A smart Shooter, 21 Feb 2019Who can do the drop test?Super saf won't mind.

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      • Jong Ji
      • 7tV
      • 22 Feb 2019

      So expensive to watch video on big screen Better we can go for trip

        • Nobi
        • PWY
        • 22 Feb 2019

        Not bad for a first attempt, good job Samsung, a solid B-. But atleast a couple of iterations away for it to be considered seriously as an option

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          • Anonymous
          • IV8
          • 22 Feb 2019

          Come back when you have the Galaxy Fold Note.. S-Pen on this device is a no-brainer

            For now, the Galaxy Fold will be a niche device for rich folks who can afford it. Let them be the guinea pigs. The Note series started off niche too.

            I have no intention adding $82+ to my monthly bill to get this. The best solution is to wait for the tech to get better and for the price to get cheaper. They always improve and get cheaper.

            I want the Galaxy Fold 2 and future successors to make the outside screen bigger. It looks weird closed with all that top and bottom bezel. Make it thinner. Make it cheaper. Perhaps make a foldable for the Note series.

            I'll be all-in if they do all that.

              Who can do the drop test?

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                • Wijanarkodwi
                • 61w
                • 21 Feb 2019

                It will be complete if it can use the s-pen..

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                  • Dan
                  • 2Wn
                  • 21 Feb 2019

                  Nice, can't wait to try this one out.

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                    • mobileFAN
                    • 026
                    • 21 Feb 2019

                    good design but price is too high. For $2000, you can get a high end phone, a good tablet and a decent laptop.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • YgL
                      • 21 Feb 2019

                      holy crap....all of you saying it too dont buy it then? who is forcing you to buy the top model? buy the lower spec model and spend less jeeez, and the folding phone is a new form factor and technology, of course its going to be expensive. samsung may be expensive but you really get what you pay for, its a no compromise device.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • vgN
                        • 21 Feb 2019

                        I'm not mi fan boy but I rather buy mi 9 explorer and iPad 2018 and 3 power bank 10000mh from Xiaomi.and few account and few changes to use dame equal

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                          • Emkay
                          • 7k7
                          • 21 Feb 2019

                          Statsplash, 21 Feb 2019The foldable phone is a good idea, but that doesn't justify... moreSamsung is not targeting ppl like me or you to sell this phone. Its only for celebrity and high net worth individuals. As GSMA pointed out, its the cost of innovation. We will have to wait for the Xiaomis , the oppos, etc for releasing mass market product like this. Which is not hapnin soon

                            no any info on the thickness. although this model is announced, and tried by visitors. I thought this model is think, when folded, could be 1.5cm thick or higher. people really don't mind such thickness? Galaxy Fo..

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                              • Anonymous
                              • HJD
                              • 21 Feb 2019

                              6 cameras? Why don't they just put two cameras on the side with the small screen and call it a day?

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                                • Statsplash
                                • JCq
                                • 21 Feb 2019

                                The foldable phone is a good idea, but that doesn't justify the price. For the same amount of money you can buy a high end gaming laptop like this below.

                                ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II 15.6In 144HZ INTEL i7 16GB RAM 256GB SSD + 1TB RTX2070 Gaming Laptop

                                I'd rather spend it on gaming laptop or a gaming pc than any smartphone. I think people are beginning to realise that the spending the same amount on a smartphone will never seevthe worth in spending 2000 dollars or 2000 pounds, money is better spent else where, on a chinese branded flagship phone. Thats my opinion. Everyone to there own opinion.

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                                  • TG
                                  • wHT
                                  • 21 Feb 2019

                                  The external screen is too small for daily one hand carry usage, what a failure.. it is just a tablet which can fold into small size for easier hand carry, and with a small external display to view notification....

                                    4300mah combined battery capacity? This a bad joke?

                                    Hope you have a power bank or wall plugin always available since that is what it will be tethered to most times.

                                    $2000 for a phone / tablet? Yeah, sure Samsung.

                                    If you think you can out price Apple to try and hype up perceived value on an iffy new device, guess again. Apple is already slowly dropping from that attitude and you will follow suit.

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                                      • Steven
                                      • SvB
                                      • 21 Feb 2019

                                      Galaxy Note 10, 21 Feb 2019Hope they ckeep Note series with good innovation and price ... moreFrom Note 5 the Inovations are EXCLUSIVE for the S series and the Note series is just a S+ with S Pen