Testing Oppo's 10x optical zoom camera

23 February 2019
Oppo built a triple camera that goes from 16mm ultra-wide to 160mm telephoto. It also features a 48MP main camera module.

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  • Anon

I've been looking for a phone like this to be used on my next African safari trip. If the pic samples are good as it looks, I will buy one. But if this is only a gimmick, you will read my wrath remarks later.

  • Anonymous

sadly, a useless gimmick where only fanboys would defend. its so blurry after zooming in, is this really optical zoom? doubt it, more like marketing gimmick.

  • Anonymous

When you launch to the philippines?😊

  • Dodo

Sadly, the 10x optical zoom shot seems fuzzier when at 100% than the regular camera image zoomed in.

I can at least make out some of the letters on the signs on the image from the regular camera. The 10x is too smudged to be readable at all.

Like a lot of Chinese brands, Oppo has brought out a feature which looks great on paper and it's useless in real life. But at least it doesn't spy on on you, as Huawei does.

  • Anonymous

QCOM, 23 Feb 2019Boring. The MP and then the selfie and then camera count and the... moreBy your logic, everything in life is a gimmick cos not everyone has use for everything.

  • Anonymous

Look just slightly better than digital zoom only. Not something i'll be using a lot for good photos.

  • Anonymous

Am I right to be disappointed or am I expecting too much? When seeing all pictures at 100% they are like oil paintings, looks like after import a picture into Flash... certainly I was expecting something different. That being said is SW issue. The advantage to change the pic into a digital format is that can be zoomed without quality loss but who want to amplify an oil painting (that should be a picture)?

Commando, 23 Feb 2019Just give me a 100xOptical zoom and I am done!!!u can buy P1000

Apparently, "lossless" today means "somewhat a little loss".... Because that 10x image isn't impressing for now.

But of course, they have time to polish the hardware and software, so let's see....

The last Oracle, 24 Feb 2019Actually sensor can be the same size. The zoom mechanism tube mu... moreMaybe you don't bother. Just about every possible optical technique has been known for many years, the only issues have been around materials and manufacturing methods to make them possible. University libraries have rooms full of books on lenses and optics. The original cameras in phones were based on the lens designs for spy cameras going back to the 1940s, for instance.

Technically this isn't 10x zoom/
Zoom is usually measured from the main camera, not the wide one. That is an extra feature.

  • ZloiYuri

Zoom made by Corephotonics, company behind this tech and were sold to Samsung.

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2019Yes, because in this case sensor has to be even smaller. Samsun... moreActually sensor can be the same size. The zoom mechanism tube must be designed with allowing light to come in a different way. I don't want to post it here. Maybe I send a mail to Samsung directly, so that other dont patent something and bring it to the market before Samsung.

It looks like very impressive image processing technology struggling against horrible optics.
Why did Oppo bother to manufacture a 10x optical zoom that is, at best, no better than digital zoom?

  • Anonymous

Oh,samsung is the only one who isn't lying about optical zoom,A9 has x2 optical zoom.Even huawei is lying about the ×3 optical zoom since it is digital,if you don't believe see gsmarena review.

the 10x optical zoom it seems like real tele lens (but not quite real 10x maybe a little less with combination of digital zoom) because it has some depth of field just like long focal length lens. personally if i want to take a photo of objects far away, i'd take my DSLR and 200mm lens with me

  • Anonymous

I thought it would have one sensor and prisma's change which lense is used, but seems the lenses all use a own. Sensor which are 12mp and 8mp :( instead of 48mp. Also don't see what is wrong with a optical lense that moves a bit out of the back if needed..

  • TC

Looks like the video scenery of Samy D - Xenia

  • Anonymous

just like digital zoom

  • Anonymous

zoom quality looks shtt