Testing Oppo's 10x optical zoom camera

23 February 2019
Oppo built a triple camera that goes from 16mm ultra-wide to 160mm telephoto. It also features a 48MP main camera module.

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Winston, 23 Feb 2019It interpolates the image for intermediate zoom levels? So, it's... moreBecause those lies sound good on ads.
Called it.

Lyndino, 23 Feb 2019Why are the pic's so grainy?I suppose because neither the software nor the lighting are really polished

  • Winston

It interpolates the image for intermediate zoom levels? So, it's neither a 10 optical, neither a zoom, right? Because with a zoom, it would go from one end to other seamlessly, and it would do it optically. So, why is this called "10x optical zoom?

Why are the pic's so grainy?

So is it possible to someone to sue Oppo because of it's false advertising?

  • Anonymous

Loos less ZOOM? LOL take a look at the photo sample it is clear that the images are somewhat blurry. LONG LIVE DSLR... this is just a gimmick dang.

And here we go again. In some recent post you folks got it right, it's 10x HYBRID zoom, not optical. A much as i can understand, only 5x is pure optical zoom. Anyway, i am a bit too drunk at moment to explain how 16 and 160 doesn't automatically mean 10x.