Samsung Galaxy Buds review

10 March 2019
The new earbuds have good looks and battery life, but that’s about it.

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  • Anonymous

any one know how to tell the diffrence between samsung galexy buds and fake ones

  • hdela

I had no bass too when I first set them up, but you have to (1) apply bluetooth volume synchronisation on your phone, which is not set by default. When I did that all of a sudden the music changed from tinny to wide, loud an plenty of bass (2) try the best fit for the tips, makes a huge difference.

  • mrozu615

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2019Absolutley agree. These buds deliver pathetic call quality,... moreJabra Elite 65T has even WORSE call quality. I actually swapped them because of that.

  • Expat

Try out Sony WF-1000XM3.
No IP rating, but a sound quality to die for.
Read reviews. Con: price.

  • Expat

Had Gear IconX and Gear IconX 2018, best way to improve bass is Poweramp music player,
increase bass and volume.
Preamp + 10 level equalizer.
Enough heavy bass, sure.

  • Anonymous

Sanjiv, 28 Jul 2019Please dont buy it.. i have it and repent buying it.. it i... moreAbsolutley agree. These buds deliver pathetic call quality, I received a complaint from a client of mine for using these buds in a conference call. Samsung, I am very disappointed with my this purchase and honestly would not recommend anyone to buy them

i love my AKGs that came with the note 8, do these buds compare to them in sound quality?

  • Sanjiv

Please dont buy it.. i have it and repent buying it.. it is only for listening and not talking.. if you have a conference call, or any call, yiu have to use the wired earphones and not the buds.. buds are useless for talking on the mobile. In the end i have to carry both..

  • MJ

Using them for sometime now and I realize why I haven't read the review before. Everything is so correct in the review. I am even having problem of connectivity with my oneplus3t. Mike is worse and no bass at all.

  • Anonymous

harcha, 12 Mar 2019Usually reviews on this site are pretty good, but this colu... moreSeems like apple handed them this and said PRINT.

justasking, 23 Mar 2019can two people listen to each separate ear buds? like the a... moreI signed up just to reply to this as I looked everywhere before I purchased and didn't get anything so..... Yes these can definately be used seperatly as I use one and my wife puts on the other whilst we watch a TV program (so as to not wake the kids) and also. You hear everything. Not sure about the mono sound but they work seperatly. Also we are about 6 feet apart so that should answer your other question. I hope this helps. If it does pass it on to other people that want to know. Oh and if you take one out it may pause the buds but just tap the buds and it will continue on both. Also if you put one in the case only that one will turn off and not the other which is another good thing. Been waiting for a pair of buds to work independently and not as slave and master so my wait is now over

  • justasking

can two people listen to each separate ear buds? like the ability to set the output to mono so both earbuds transmit the same content. Also, is it fine to be used even if the users of each earbud are like 6 feet away from each other? Will there be no drop/ latency?

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2019Calm down. I didn't say I owned them at all. I specifically... moreAnd which Samsung store is this , please tell me so I can call that store waiting

  • Anonymous

yeah I said it, 13 Mar 20195 more mins you would have convince me, ( FAKE NEWS FOLKS... moreCalm down. I didn't say I owned them at all. I specifically said I tried them at the Samsung store. Don't put words in my mouth. Maybe read carefully first before getting all defensive & throw tantrums?

Only for preorder? Well sucks to be you then, cause the Samsung store I visited they had them on display for all to try...

Hey, if you think it has great bass, then good for you. Enjoy your purchase. For me, they still lack bass, and adjusting the EQ just made the overall sound muddy. Just sharing my personal experience/opinion btw, no need to be so uptight & sensitive about it geez.

  • niklex

With disabled equalizer buds are absolute garbage in terms on bass. But with equalizer enabled you get much deeper and richer sound and even a bit of a bass.

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2019IMHO, the short answer is no. I wanted to get a pair my... more5 more mins you would have convince me, ( FAKE NEWS FOLKS) I pre-order my s10+ 512GB my galaxy buds is free... white ,I am a Hard core Music lover . forget apple, forget Samsung, forget ios, forget android, Music come first, these buds are fire 6 hours long bass clear sound , I Have lots of buds or wireless headphones that I use after 6 hours , I hate when people who don't even own the product and try to give their opinion, stop it . go ahead and lie and say you have the galaxy buds these were sold out at pre-order . so you have to have the galaxy s10 or s10+ for free galaxy buds. I have them. Samsung don't pay me nothing I buy my own stuff unlocked

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2019For the people who have been using the galaxy buds, guys I ... moreIMHO, the short answer is no.

I wanted to get a pair myself as my first pair of true wireless earphones, tried these extensively at the store, even swapped ear tips but despite having great things like the small form factor, comfortable fit, wireless charging, good battery life, lots of nice software features, & bluetooth 5.0 with Aptx for lag free video watching, it comes up short on perhaps the most important factors: sound and call quality.

Sound quality is most definitely NOT a $130 sound. They have a similar sound signature to the free AKG tuned wired earphones bundled with the Galaxy s10 but unfortunately it has LESS bass (using the EQ helps a bit, but muddies up the overall sound). I compared it with my current bluetooth setup (Fiio BTR1k bluetooth receiver + Fiio FH1 earphones which also costs $130 in total) and the Fiio sounded way, WAY better in every aspect.

While the earphones seal and fit very nicely, blocking out a lot of sound (great for flights & public transport), the ambient noise feature was ONLY ok, as it doesn't let much sound in; the person have to be very close to you if u wanna hear him/her talk and even that isn't the clearest if you're in a noisy environment.

Like this review, I also agree the biggest letdown was the call quality. Given that it has 4 microphones, it still sounds like a typical bluetooth headset call quality on both ends, maybe slightly better. You can tell when someone's talking to you via Galaxy buds vs the phone itself.

You have to try them out at a Samsung store and really take your time listening/using all the features before pulling the trigger. Personally, the only pair of true wireless earphones which sounds great and somewhat worth the money are the Sennheiser momentum true wireless but they cost $350 which is still way too expensive.

PS. this isn't talked much among gadget reviewers, but the silicone ear tips are proprietary to the Galaxy Buds (look at the review photos, you'll notice they have a very small opening hole/bore). If they get dirty, damaged or you lose them, you're gonna have to buy the spares from Samsung which I don't think they sell it separately. If you were to buy other ear tips like Spinfits or Comply memory foams they will change the sound dramatically.

  • jed

The review says there are better alternatives, then what? The jabra 65t for example, but costs more and amazon reviews 3.5 /5 stars which is ok but not brilliant.

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2019There is actual perceivable lag for games where response ti... moreI personally haven't heard of any mobile games where sound response times in the low 10's of milliseconds are deciding. The whole ecosystem isn't really made for precision gaming of any sorts.

Shinigami, 12 Mar 2019Only cuts...Yeah, that's the biggest issue with wireless. The fact that everything else is also wireless and fighting for the same narrow frequency band.