Apple launches new 10.5-inch iPad Air and 7.9-inch iPad mini

18 March 2019
Both feature Apple A12 Bionic, up to 256GB storage, Touch ID and 1st generation Apple Pencil support.

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  • Love the Community

[deleted post]Uh, should we tell him? Sony hasn't made a tablet for a very long time. Android Tablets are a dead breed but Apple Tablets flourished. If you want a tablet, go get Sony Xperia 1 coz it's a Phablet.

  • Anonymous

Nothing new at all, just apple shuffling the same stuff and charging more. Absolutely zero innovation

  • AnonD-241270

those can bend too?! like ipad pro??? i mean, its a feature right??! xDDDD

I yawned twice.
I am looking for an 15-18inch iPad Pro especially created for professional photo and video editing.

  • AnonD-628531

"326PPI this is the highest density of any iPad model."

....I really feel for y'all sometimes :/

  • Anonymous

These have really good hardware! The new mini is really good. I was expecting less, so I was hapily surpriced. The problem is that Android tablets Are getting more and more behind and that is not a good thing...
I am Also happy that these use normal home button and not the terrible gesture system used in the new pro models! Also the finger print Reader definitely is cheaper than 3D face recognison used in pro models.

  • ionitaci

same shit every year... Very old and outdated design. Shame on you Apple. Every company develop new design and improve their products and we are stuck in the past. (2014). Very dissappointed... APPLE suck really hard lately. only improvement for their products are the prices. go fk yourself - big shame on you Apple

i expect a11 for new "budget" ipad but a12 bionic???? okay here i go ipad mini 2019

  • Samir

Outdated design just disappointing.
I was waiting for a mini with new design