Lenovo Z6 Pro teased to come with 100MP camera

27 March 2019
Or several cameras that achieve 100MP resolution, perhaps.

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  • Anonymous

As much as I applaud the companies for trying to improve their cameras using all sorts of fancy tech and algorithms, i just wish they would focus on actually improving the sensor, and finding a way to increase the sensor size to something not seen on a phone before, even if it is a bit thicker, we had the nokia oureview, there was a 1" sensor on an android camera which wasn't all that thick, it didn't have a phone built in so it couldnt be considered, but that was several years ago, so surely most of the tech inside that could be shrunk even just a little, camera phones are great for snaps and all, but putting them on large displays and they still look pale compared to a proper camera

sdfsdf, 01 Apr 2019Lenovo are a bunch of liars thats what. Misleading marketin... moreI havent had any problems with them since i bought my vibeshot as a brand new,

  • sdfsdf

CptPower, 29 Mar 2019Man i have lenovo i had their phones before and they are aw... moreLenovo are a bunch of liars thats what. Misleading marketing, they should be sued. Never trust whatever they say until u see the product.

Go go go Lenovoooooo

All the holy and crazyness will begin now.

Karthikeyan, 29 Mar 2019It's Lenovo, and Lenovo lie lie lieMan i have lenovo i had their phones before and they are awesome.
Dont know whats your problem with them but the only weird here its you.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2019This is weird. It was supposed to be released on the 27th ... moreThat's just like they never released the phone with the swivel projector that picked up touch gestures. Had a good working prototype and all. Only needed some tweaking and a price point that wasn't ridiculous and it would have sold.
Instead they never released.
Then Sony adds it into an actual projector and charges 1700 bucks for a 100 dollar projector and everyone thinks they are so innovative.

  • Karthikeyan

It's Lenovo, and Lenovo lie lie lie

  • Anonymous

Sorry, z6 pro and z5 pro. Anyway to creatively backup and destroy a faulty G5 to get it off my mind?

  • Anonymous

This is weird. It was supposed to be released on the 27th according to the previous article, and all we got was this. I waited. Is that supposed to be the g6 pro. It doesn't look like the 4 camera model shown before the g5 pro last year, or the previous g6 pro teaser. What are these guys doing, declaring war on our senses? They promise good, deliver please or leave it alone?

  • Anonymous

jamesschwarz987, 28 Mar 2019I guess they meant 25MP Quad Bayer sensor. I hope Sigma ... moreWhich would still mean 100mp sensor. But be even better cause you could get 25mp for great low light and less now while still having superior resolution. Or 100mp shots.

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2019Alpha 7R3 = 42MP Alpha 7s2 = 12MP Both same sensor siz... morewell the Alpha 7R3 is newer than the 72S. The 7S2 is get's more light. But as the 7R3 is a newer Version which somehow also get's a lot of light it's obviously better. The google Pixel 3 takes better photos than the Redmi Note 7, which has 48 Megapixel, because it's got bigger pixels and the software is better (you can sideload the google cam app to the Redmi Note 7 i think) but anyway

  • Anonymous

dslr, 28 Mar 2019i have only 12mp on my dslr and its very far far away from ... moreI have canon 650D and 1.7 lens and it took way better image compared to those $1000.00 phones.

Whackcar, 28 Mar 2019I really don't think they would do it again though, that is... moreIf it does happen, then it'll probably be a total of lenses, not one sensor with 100 MP

I guess they meant 25MP Quad Bayer sensor.

I hope Sigma could invest their Foveon sensor on smartphone market, tiny sized sensor need this more than ILC.

  • Anonymous

dslr, 28 Mar 2019i have only 12mp on my dslr and its very far far away from ... moreTime to ditch your old dslr and buy a new one. I just bought a new nikon d850 myself.

  • ZloiYuri

They can digitally upscale even to 1000 mpix. Why not? Lenovo, you and lg have to leave mobile market, your phones are crap.

Walter C. Dornez, 27 Mar 2019Yeah, the Oppo Find 7 was able to upscale 13 MP all the way... moreMaybe same will happen here

ProJames-CHM, 27 Mar 2019That's more likely. Would also yield better results than a ... moreI was joking about gigantic sensor and its possible that 100MP is the total resolution of multi camera setup

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2019This might be true But I think it would be 48 mp main ca... moreThis is very very possible indeed. Manufacturers have already advertised higher camera count than reality (by including the selfie cameras), so it wouldn't be surprising if they start adding the resolution of multiple cameras.

Another possibility is that they merge multiple images to pump out a 100 MP image similar to how a panorama works. That "HyperVision" could just be that.

We can't be certain about it without more details on hand.