LTE HTC Titan II with 16 MP camera revealed, heads for AT&T

09 January, 2012
The WP-running HTC Titan II shines with its mind-blowing 16 megapixel camera and LTE connectivity.

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  • Pasmind

ASDASDASDA, 09 Jan 201216 megapixel is just a marketing strategy , big this lens , it i... moreIm sorry to burst your bubble, but the biggest sensor and camera is stil, the nokia N8.

  • ahmed

AnonD-1082, 09 Jan 2012The Lumia 900 is way better and looks better. HTC is now on a de... morewhat are talk about my friend has lumia 800

i found worst camera if i compare with iphone 4s or s2

yes n8 best camera until now put lumia 800

very bad camera quality

  • AnonD-2663

LMFAO... HTC using a crappy lens and sub-standard aperture.

I like the fact it's running WP, but let's get real, this is no N8 killer.

  • Logichecker

I'm not a big fan of HTC, the camera specs sucks, the design sucks, (what do you expect from HTC)but i must say the photo samples were kinda great. but i wont settle for this crap. I bet my nokia N9 can do that too. LOL

  • Sean

Camera samples look sharp but left hand corner of shots are blurry. Same old HTC


16 megapixel is just a marketing strategy , big this lens , it is useless, iPhone is still dominating...

  • Anonymous

I thought the megapixel race was over... Well, it doesn't matter anyway, N8 successor coming up.

  • Anonymous

WP7 doesnt need dual core
If android was a properly written os and didnt have all the bloat it would run perfect on single core.

  • Anonymous

wow )) thats cool .. hope it will record in 1080p .

  • Anthony1986

If it were a 12 MP Carl Zeiss (like the good old Nokia N8) it would be great but this crap?
It's not the amount of megapixels that makes great pictures. It different things such as ISO, optical zoom and such.
You can take perfectly acceptable pix with a 5 MP lens.
I wonder what the cost will be;

  • AnonD-62

htc can ad30mp camera and still it will be worst quality photos because its htc.sane boring desing,same always dead future is same as RIM.

  • AnonD-1082

The Lumia 900 is way better and looks better. HTC is now on a decline because of their lackluster smartphones. 16 MP cam with a tiny and useless sensor. HTC really doesn't know what their doing.

  • Law

What a waste, a htc with 16mp, if only nokia had the ambission to do the ssame in the nokia 900, they really would have a high quality 16mp cam phone.

  • AdamBoy64

epic_fail, 09 Jan 2012And still useless OS without apps. :)50,000 not enough for you?

  • no matter

Ridiculous amount of 16MP. 5-8MP is more than enough.
Tiny 16MP sensor under rubbish optics and rubbish lens cover plastic. How much worse can it be?

  • AnonD-10196

epic_fail, 09 Jan 2012And still useless OS without apps. :)What app do you need and you can't find?

  • AnonD-14018

Useless camera . For such a big sensor youd expect it to have full HD recording. Nah fails just like any other WP7 dumbphone.

Even iOS has dual core and FULL HD RECORDING ! Android has all that in a 5mpx sensor plus it can capture full rezz stills while recording .

WP7 Dumbphones please dissapear from the market. and bring us WP8

  • germcevoy

Please don't let this start another mega pixel race. 8-12mp with good glass and sensors will do fine.

  • Ricky

Saying this since I didn't see any more info about the camera.

f/2.6, 28mm wide-angle lens, autofocus, dual LED flash, red eye reduction, image stabilization, and backside-illuminated sensor.
Source: Pocketnow

  • epic_fail

And still useless OS without apps. :)