Weekly poll: Samsung Galaxy A80 vs. Oppo Reno 10x zoom

14 April 2019
Two phones with unique selfie cameras, full view displays and 48MP rear cams. A lot of similarities between these two, but many differences as well.

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No doubt Reno is a winner here

Anonymous, 14 Apr 2019Oppo reno is a flagship it has sd855 and 10x zoomWell in this case Oppo.
I never liked samsung anyway.
They asking too much for too nothing as usualy.

  • Anonymous

Oppo everyday

  • Anonymous

NEITHER. Because both DO NOT feature 3.5mm jack as STANDARD at these prices. The Galaxy A80 also does not have microsd slot as STANDARD unlike Oppo Reno 10x zoom. All in all, both phones are INCONVENIENT & UNPRACTICAL for us neutral users.

Oh come on, A80 is all about aesthetics, yes it's a nice rotating camera but the hardware itself is the same as every 48mp mid ranger

The RENO offers both aesthetics and hardware excitements

  • Anonymous

NEITHER, because good camera is one thing, not being able to fit the phone to a pocket because it's a paddle is another. Would never buy a phone this huge even if the price was fantastic. When I buy a phone, I want a portable device. If I want as much screen as possible, I buy tablet. These 'phablets' are exactly the reason why you shouldn't half-a** 2 things because you end up doing neither of those right.

Oppo is better, and is doing good job but many cuztomers specially ladies will not like the huge size so to win the market competition add another size beside this one with 5.8-6 inch display and call it oppo reno mini

NA, 14 Apr 2019Is software not a part of comparison?remove ColorOS, stock Android stronk

  • Maria

Overall, I vote for Samsung Galaxy A80 although it is not winning for all categories (i.e Hardware specs, User Interface, After Sale service, etc) surely.

  • Sally

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2019The SD 710 version has a jack though...But the SD710 version lacks the periscope camera and OIS that make the Reno 10x interesting. So i'll prefer to sacrifice the jack in this case. Although I'm still waiting for the Zenfone 6 / 6z and Lenovo Z6 Pro to compare more alternatives before buy one.

  • Anonymous

ProJames-CHM, 14 Apr 2019Unless you can use the hardware without the software, softw... moreWell you can change software if you want to, can't say same about hardware...
P.S color os 6.0 is good, if not great, they're improving at drastic pace though.... I'll probably wait for one plus to do the same thing anyways

  • Anonymous

Teddy Sadcat, 15 Apr 2019Design-wise, Oppo Reno 10X is my favorite phone this year s... moreThe SD 710 version has a jack though...

Design-wise, Oppo Reno 10X is my favorite phone this year so far, and has a SD855 to boot, a shame it doesn't have a headphone jack, otherwise I would've bought it today.

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 14 Apr 2019Neither to be honest. One is a gimmick (A80), the other is ... moreThe Reno may not leave a mark n the rest of the world but will sell by hordes in China and probably in India too.

As for the A80, yes its a total gimmick.

  • Anonymous

Out of Control, 14 Apr 2019The poll looks a bit suspect. There's no way the Reno will ... moreThis poll is for reader GSMA who at least read some gadgets news while people in the world less educated about smartphones in general.

Out of Control, 14 Apr 2019The poll looks a bit suspect. There's no way the Reno will ... moreSeems like your delusional and hanging on tightly that Samsung isn't a ahead in a poll

It's so bad to where you've interpreted a simple preference poll as being equal to which will sell better world wide

Let's hope Samsung doesn't lose more market share from Chinese brands for your own mental sake

  • Anonymous

I'd choose the A80 all day. Oppo is always straight out garbage.

Reno is far superior, but won't become available at most of the countries...

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 14 Apr 2019Meizu zero should be great but failed to impress. I voted... moreOppo reno is a flagship it has sd855 and 10x zoom

  • hmm

A80 cost 100 euro more while have top end of the middle class hardware in it while Reno have flagship specs in every part of it and cost less.

Both dont have Android one on them so cant say much on that part what is better.