Google will let EU Android users chose a different search engine and browser

18 April 2019
Reminding users there are other options out there.

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  • Boris

I actually feel it's time for some alternative to android to appear. Its getting too far from the open source system and deep into google bloatware.

  • Alien

DrakeX, 19 Apr 2019168 apks!? Wow, that's some massive bloatware in there. Is ... moreThe phone is unlocked and bought from Samsung shop.
Among those 168 apks, there are a lot of system apps like Bluetooth, nfc, blue light, Bixby, camera stickers and a lot more that I simply never use. So there's no point in letting them drain resources. The apps that could be uninstalled are long gone. I didn't even count those.

I wish they'd make android os modular, with the phones shipped only with the core apps (those that are needed to boot), while the rest being download (by each person's desire) from Play Store.

The chinese brands are taking the Android freedom away, turning their phones into bad replicas, imitating even the restricted os by locking the bootloader.

  • Anonymous

Can't we already do that?

Alien , 19 Apr 2019I'm currently using S8+ no root. I've disabled 168 apks so ... more168 apks!? Wow, that's some massive bloatware in there. Is it a carrier or an unlocked device? Exynos? Snapdragon? Not even my friend's imported Lenovo A3600 from China that was 4 years ago had that much bloatware. I rooted my Redmi Note 4X just to remove some bloatware, including Xiaomi apps. However, I encountered quite a significant problem as I took out a core app which is a MUST have for MIUI to function and that is the security app. Bootloop appeared. I regretted because I haven't backed up much of my data. Well, I guess that's one mistake I learned which is to do some research before doing anything out of the norms.

Experimenting your phone is quite fun just to see if such tweaks can make your phone experience so much better.If you want the most customisable software then I recommend unlocking the bootloader and flash Resurrection Remix, it seriously makes your phone very...distinctive. It felt better than anything. Later on I used Lineage OS and it felt like a step backwards.

Yep, pretty understandable. I've seen people using the stock wallpapers on their phones. Seriously, do you really want your phone to be that boring?

Not much we can do except voting with our wallets but like I said, it won't give any impact. Oppo, vivo and Huawei with their locked bootloaders still sell anyway.

  • Alien

DrakeX, 19 Apr 2019It's been like that for ages now, hasn't it? Rooting was a ... moreI'm currently using S8+ no root. I've disabled 168 apks so far with ADB. I haven't tried to use uninstall with adb because many apps seem interconnected (system apps) and I already have a 'glitch' just by disabling them. When I tap lockscreen and security it takes 5 or more seconds to open the menu. Maybe because I've disabled Bixby and Knox :))
I've had this phone for 8 months and I will root it when the warranty expires. But having the option to do it makes all the difference. I'm in that small niche of people who will play around with the system and modify it how I want.
There's nothing I dislike more than "default" phones with default settings that lack personality. Probably the reason I'll never buy an iPhone or any phone that cannot be rooted staring with huawei.
Where's the open-source option in having a locked bootloader and using a SMARTphone in guest mode instead of administrator?

  • Anonymous

Is it too much to ask for every phone to just come with Google Play and Google Play services so that we could just pick ALL of our apps? I'm not talking about me but there are some people who don't even use a movie/video service let alone music service. I'd rather download all of my apps individually as I use Alternatives for every Google app (Waze instead of Maps, Firefox instead of Chrome, Rocket Music Player/Musicolet instead of Google Play Music, etc).

Alien , 19 Apr 2019The main reason I started to learn about rooting phones was... moreIt's been like that for ages now, hasn't it? Rooting was a lot easier back then. Force remove apps was one of the reason I'd root. Now you could use ADB to uninstall the apps (although I haven't tried that) and also phones come with sufficient storage, it could be ignored.

Huawei's action of locking bootloader only affects the enthusiasts which is a niche in the market. This won't have any impact on sales but to enthusiasts, it really tarnishes Huawei's reputation in the dev community. Nevertheless, I'd still buy it anyway considering their great hardware. I could live with their mediocre software design anyway, heck pretty much any current Chinese software considering the advancements in Android. Slap in a theme and it's tolerable.

  • Anonymous

Alien , 19 Apr 2019I'm usually using DuckDuckGo as a search engine and Dolphin... moreDolphin browser in the past has been caught keeping track of browsing data even in incognito mode.

  • Anonymous

This should be an option for everyone if you ask me.

It's counterproductive for me to always look for devices that are capable of removing/disabling Google services and use open-source ones!

Give the option, and I'm pretty sure 80+% of the users will still choose Google.

  • Alien

DrakeX, 19 Apr 2019I bet most people would just click finish without even both... moreThe main reason I started to learn about rooting phones was so that I could delete Facebook and other similar garbage that comes pre-installed (without the option to uninstall it).

huawei for example got so scared that their users started to root their phones and deleted their spying software, that they stopped the bootloader unlocking service, claiming nobody was using it lmfao!!!
That's how they justify restrictions.. PATHETIC!


I bet most people would just click finish without even bothering about choosing another search engine or browser. The better way to solve this problem would be to remove Google apps or make it uninstallable.

Seriously, some of Google apps are just bloatware to me such as Duo, Hangouts, Google Play products, etc. and I really hate when almost all phone manufacturers have it preinstalled AND not let us uninstall but hey, that's normal so I'll just have to bare with it.

  • Alien

I'm usually using DuckDuckGo as a search engine and Dolphin as a browser.
I don't like Chrome at all.

  • Anonymous

You can use any browser if you want. And Google is the best search engine. So it isn't big deal.

Like I could not have installed a different browser myself but imo Google services are the best and it is their OS they can decide if they allow different browser or not and in this case Apple should be fined too as Safari is pre installed, their OS is closed and does not allow user flexibility like android

  • Dan Alboteanu

Google CANNOT do whatever if they dominated the market - as we talk here about a monopoly. This is the law. Google was abusing using the dominance of Android in Europe.

SpiritWolf, 19 Apr 2019Never used Chrome nor spygle search on Spydroid device. Eve... moreWell I still had to use spygle at some point. But Chrome and spydroid? Already long left that.

No, 19 Apr 2019I don't agree with this. I mean, google owns android, why c... moreYou don't mind your personal data send to them? Go ahead, I won't

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 19 Apr 2019Only if you listen to news from TV or website from news out... moreThen Brexit is nothing like the French stuff. The media is saturated with Brexit... Heard nothing else for months. A complete disgrace, from start to finish.

  • Anonymous

ProJames-CHM, 19 Apr 2019I believe the situation has changed since the referendum. I... moreIt's a complete mess. Brexit.

  • Anonymous

Just having a beer, 19 Apr 2019I will rwmind with chrome and google search. It has relevan... moreYou can ignore it in 2 finger taps. Nothing changes for you.