What can you get for EUR 2,000 instead of a Samsung Galaxy Fold

21 April 2019
And since we’re having fun, we also checked how can you upgrade it, instead of getting the Huawei Mate X for €2,299.

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  • 09 Jun 2019

Vegetaholic, 29 Apr 2019For 2000 euros you can build very powerful PC for gaming or... moreDefinitely it would be out of range with most buyers, but I can see who would be buying this product for sure those with large income and businesses in IT, management, CEO, and others who can take advantage of turning their phone into a tablet. For me I would definitely be interested in a very portable tablet that is sized to most standard smartphones. Unfortunately the price is to high for me to consider it at the moment.

    For 2000 euros you can build very powerful PC for gaming or content creation, or build decent mining rig, which will make you money every day, can Galaxy Fold generate income some money for a user just by using it? :))

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      • keyboard Warrior
      • 2Au
      • 25 Apr 2019

      Save it and Travel the World
      much worth it.

        A two week holiday to Amsterdam, complete with spending money.

          With that money I will buy my maid her own helper. I can't stop her playing Roblox all day. Sheesh.

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            • 23 Apr 2019

            Interesting comparison. 2000 euro is almost 2250 dollars. If I have 2250 dollars I will buy a good smartphone with 750 dollars and save 1500 dollars for other important things.

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              • 23 Apr 2019

              Why don't we buy nokia 105, will have a lot … hhahaha everything has its class, what a comparison ?

                Anonymous, 22 Apr 2019I could buy a oneplus 6T or a 7 soon and a gaming laptop! ... morefor that amount of money, ain't worth a phone with only around 2.5 years usage (assuming 800 charges) :-

                PS4 pro, PS VR, force feedback steering wheel g29 and racing seat, Hotas air plane control and 55" andriod HDR 4K TV


                PS4 pro, PS VR and 55" andriod HDR 4K TV, yamaha 7.2 dolby atmos home cinema, tannoys floorstanding speaker eclipse 2, tannoy eclipse centre and eclipse 1 for GBP2000/EUR2200/USD2500

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                  • 23 Apr 2019

                  2000$ Get a standard flagship phone+tablet+laptop.

                    Anonymous, 22 Apr 2019eur2,000 galaxy fold = 100 nokia 3310 for durabilityCould have new Smart-phone or phone+smartwatch(even if cheapest) every week for one year, how exciting.
                    Gsm capable car is way more exciting though, got a deal for one and for the same price like this foldable, just so you can compare how pricy that is. You can also change screen and camera there, can galaxy fold do that :)

                      Approximately 30 bottles of 90 servings scivation xtend BCAAs.

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                        • 22 Apr 2019

                        Anonymous, 22 Apr 2019I could buy a oneplus 6T or a 7 soon and a gaming laptop! ... moreDude Note 7

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                          • S2D
                          • 22 Apr 2019

                          i will get around 1300 of corona extra beers,2 beers per day for 2 years rougly

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                            • ix9
                            • 22 Apr 2019

                            I could buy a oneplus 6T or a 7 soon and a gaming laptop!
                            I could buy a TV with a ps4
                            I could buy lots of pizza for 2000 dollars
                            You can be a millionaire with 2K collars if you invest in stocks slowly but surely
                            Or simply, you can buy the samsung Fold and experience the phone for a whole 2 days before something breaks.
                            Or you can burn a samsung fold by buying a Samsung Note 7 and let it charge overnight leaving it next to the galaxy fold.
                            You can buy the galaxy fold and gift it to me

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                              • ImX
                              • 22 Apr 2019

                              I would get s10 5g and tab s4

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                                • PGq
                                • 22 Apr 2019

                                eur2,000 galaxy fold = 100 nokia 3310 for durability

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                                  • vjw
                                  • 22 Apr 2019

                                  BiyoBiyo JunJun, 22 Apr 2019yes , samfold that cost 2000 euro far more cheaper than iph... moreiPhone 6 is how many generations ago dude? No one wants to use that!

                                    Anonymous, 22 Apr 2019Had better to have cherry mobile instead of his kind of pho... moreOr I could just buy like 4 Mi 9. Hell, I could buy 6 A50s and a Realme 3 Pro

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                                      • 22 Apr 2019

                                      harwey, 22 Apr 2019Just found an 2007 Alfa Romeo 159 1.9JTDm,with 250k km on ... moreI drove one of those for a while. Fast car, but it has the most rigid steering wheel in the world. It feels like you're driving a truck or something, not a car.
                                      And I drove over 10 different cars.

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                                        • Nak
                                        • 22 Apr 2019

                                        Buy an iphone xs max 256 GB and keep the change