Qualcomm and Samsung will supply Apple with 5G modems in 2020

23 April 2019
This means that we won't see 5G iPhones in 2019.

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Anonymous, 23 Apr 2019I’m using both iOS and android and half of the features of ... morePeople used to complain about Samsungs bloatware but now its less than Huawei's who do it alot more. And if its bloatware for you that's fine but it does not mean anyone else can use it.

And people root phones becuase they can they have choices on Android exactly like how many people used to jailbreak iphones which now they cant really do because Apple block older software versions via the ARCHAIC ITUNES.

"The only thing android can do better than iOS is downloading videos and song without restriction like iOS"

Well i like having my custom ringtones which iphones cant do,
i like using sd card which iphones cant do,
i prefer copying and pasting songs which iphone cant do,
i like having 2 apps open at once especially when i drive i can have google maps open and the media player for movies/music.

So your statement is very wrong but as usual good try ;)

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Murph, 23 Apr 2019Actually, Intel exited *after* Apple settled with QC on bot... moreYes Intel had no more customers worth the R&D costs after this I guess...

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

CDMA, 24 Apr 2019Although Intel withdrew, Intel has DSPC CDMA license. When... moreDual-chip strategy? Sell off Samsung 5G modems to Europe and other regions using GSM and sell to the US, Canada & China the Qualcomm chips? Works for Samsung with their Exynos / Snapdragon dual chip strategy...

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Like these things weren't to damn expensive as it is? Why not the cheaper Huawei chip? :

  • Anonymous

Fayth, 24 Apr 2019Apple and Samsung can be good friend why can't we?Very true. I've used both and switching sometimes again and again. Both have pros and cons. Use any phone you want not phone that people tell you as better.

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2019My aunt is using my previous phone with android 4.2, apps s... moreYes there are apps which will still be compatible with older os. Your aunt is lucky for now.

I work in a phoneshop what i said is true. Iv had some customers have issues on their phones Bcuz they can't update their lloyds bank app as an example. I would then have a look and it would say it is not compatible with this os.

Customer gets angry Bcuz he looked after his device and Had only purchase under 2 years ago. Nothing wrong with device but needs the bank app. Stormed off refusing to buy a new device.

U may like to check minimum required os on these types of apps in the play store as proof.

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2019You do know these phones also uses 4G right? What does that have to do with the point i made?

In case you didn't get my point. I'm saying not to buy 5G versions of the same phones (for e.g. The OnePlus 7 Pro will have two versions. 4G & 5G. The 5G version will be significantly more expensive than the 4G version without offering anything else other than a 5G modem. I'm just saying to avoid these 5G versions which are practically useless for the next 2 years.)

Now if a phone launches with 5G by default (e.g. the Mate X), then that is an ok purchase.

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 23 Apr 2019The way 5G works, it's coverage is gonna be pretty scarce i... moreYou do know these phones also uses 4G right?

  • kula shaker

kalel, 24 Apr 2019You forget many apps won't be compatible with older os. It ... morei have an xperia x10i, xperia active, and a galaxy s2 all stuck in gingerbread (android 2.3) and all are still getting app updates from the play store despite google announcing 2 years ago that play services will stop supporting it. thank you.

Fayth, 24 Apr 2019Apple and Samsung can be good friend why can't we?thats how "fans" works.... they should hate each other for no reason

  • Anonymous

kalel, 24 Apr 2019You forget many apps won't be compatible with older os. It ... moreMy aunt is using my previous phone with android 4.2, apps still work and have updates.
Not counting apps that were left behind by devs and dont have updates for none no matter android version.

  • Anonymous

Fayth, 24 Apr 2019Apple and Samsung can be good friend why can't we?You’re right I’m using both don’t know why some Samsung fan hate Apple and always blame apple for Samsung and whole android mistakes.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2019I have the iPAD 6th (2018) ... I turned off the automat... moreGo to setting> Accessibility > display accommodations> auto-brightness and reduce white point.

Apple and Samsung can be good friend
why can't we?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2019So Huawei is out of the game totally now?? Sad news for China.Don’t think so still 2020 they'll find a way and I think Qualcomm are the one band Huawei through US government.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2019The reason you will fight fire with fire is because all tha... moreApple designed there hardware and other OEM’s like Samsung, TSMC, LG and POE manufacturing there hardware under Apple design and instructions, yeah that including Samsung super Amoled that Apple use it on there latest iPhone X Apple calibrate it nit Samsung and still remain one the best OLED of any flagship around and by the way since Apple left Samsung to TSMC and Samsung loosing money due to that Samsung used to make billions out of Apple Soc manufacturing.

The truth is that in the early stages, 5G will take years to roll out and iron out its bugs. To 80% of users, network standards mean nothing or very little, so as long as they get reliable internet access that's all they care about.

Apple needs to ensure their services work for all of their users, and they don't want to depend on 3rd parties that are outside of their control. Since they can't control what happens on networks, they'd rather wait for the technology to be mature enough to reduce the risk of their products malfunctioning.

It's a simple trade-off and a smart one.

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2019What I say that new android version is not something essent... moreYou forget many apps won't be compatible with older os. It happens to people they can't update their fave apps anymore as device isn't compatible and can't be updated either so making it useless for said user

  • Anonymous

So Huawei is out of the game totally now?? Sad news for China.

  • Anonymous

Qualcomm is savage

Qualcomm : "Apple, pay the darn money else I won't supply modem for you ever again "

Also qualcomm : *promised to supply but delay it to (Dec?) 2010, to maintain share value and buy enough time to research cheaper-for-midrange/entry mode, so cheap $200 phone can afford it, just to stop Apple claiming 5G as premium features later