Report: Apple saw 30% decline in shipments in Q1 YoY, Huawei up 50%

01 May 2019
Four out of the six top brands in number of shipments for Q1 are Chinese brands and the industry is seeing a steady decline, overall.

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  • 01 May 2019

True fact each year new phones offer minimal innovative ideas. A slightly better camera or extra GB of ram. And phones are build to last longer. So do you justify the huge cost of upgrade. For a few things better than last year's model.

    Phone Reviewer, 01 May 2019Huawei has been really working hard for 1 year now, innovat... moreSamsung started curved display, now tried foldable mobiles....they try different stuff to increase value....but they also fail sometimes...but people are tired with $900 upward mobiles(at this exchange rate it is over the roof for many)

      More pain for Apple lovers since Apple is determined to make even more profit by selling even lesser iPhones!! iPhone XIS, XIS +, XR without 5G going to be sold starting at $2000!!! Boom, next year same time, Apple YoY decline 50% but making 15% more earnings!!!

        Huawei has been really working hard for 1 year now, innovating in many sectors like screen and chipset. Though their phones not market leading they are still excellent and can compete with Apple and Samsung. For the past 1 to 2 years Apple has been increasing price while quality remains the same, and Samsung seems to be resting on their success and releasing similar phones year after year.