Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL unveiled: same cameras, slower chipsets and $399 starting price

07 May 2019
The 3.5mm audio jack makes a comeback!

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Is SD 670 in 3a is better than SD821 in LG G6?

    wow... good phone at formidable price?

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      • 07 May 2019

      Kingslayer, 07 May 2019Smaller Pixel 3a dimensions - 151.3 x 70.1 x 8.2 mm 151.... more151mm? omg.. who designed this small / compact phone? LOL..

      How this is even called as small ? omg...151mm?!!

        Anonymous, 07 May 2019I think they did with the Galaxy A50.It misses the camera with OIS and identical processing

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          • 07 May 2019

          [deleted post]Almost all android phones between 300 and 400 have 4GB ram or more

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            • 07 May 2019

            The last Oracle, 07 May 2019Samsung should follow sone of these cues: Plastic Body ... moreI think they did with the Galaxy A50.

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              • 07 May 2019

              Was expecting a competitive pricing.

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                • 07 May 2019


                  Samsung should follow sone of these cues:

                  Plastic Body
                  Get rid of Premium Gorilla Glass (Dragon Tail instead)
                  Find a Cheaper LED option
                  No wireless charging
                  No IP rating
                  Same Old Camera including Sensor, OIS and Lenses
                  Mid Range SoC
                  Boring body designed for $99

                  These are the plus points:
                  Decent stereo speakers
                  Excellent photo and video quality
                  Cheap intro price. Will get even cheaper after a few weeks

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                    • 07 May 2019

                    They would be cool if the Chinese brands didnt exist. So this is going to be cool in NA only. U guys need more choices there.

                      Great news for a plastic build an actual solid and practical good quality material never heard people complaining about plastic devices back in the days of "non smartphone" days

                      But back to premature oled and it's "gets worse overtime" organic qualities, burn -in bonanza

                        The camera is pretty impressive. Though the S9 prices are around the same range right now with another 2 years if promised updates. Plus way more features overall, and way more capable.

                        I will wait for the 3a to come down to $249 and then buy 2 of those. Right now it only does 1 trick really well.

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                          • 07 May 2019

                          Wadda innovation in 2019, LOL :D
                          Yet another plastic soapholder...

                            Since both devices will be offered in all four major carriers in the United States, I might actually get the smaller 3a if the price is right.

                            If it's under $200 or lower, I just might. These devices are perfect to get during Black Friday sales. I remembered the iPhone SE were initially priced at $399 in 2016. Within a year, they were being sold on prepaid for only $199! Went down to $149 a few months later.

                            I got the SE for $199 back in May 20, 2017. If I had waited another 18 months, I could've got it for as low as $79 during a Black Friday sale. The Pixel 3a is that "good value" alternative for Android. They would easily beat whatever Motorola brings out with their E and G series.

                            The sub-$200 market isn't a bad place to be. Most of these midrangers are superior to flagships from just 3-4 years ago. I'd get a Pixel 3a any day over say a Galaxy S6 and S7.

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                              • 07 May 2019

                              It looks outdated and plastic body for $399? FYI Mi 9 SE is smaller (147mm vs 151mm) with a larger 5.97" screen.

                                Whackcar, 07 May 2019But not too good either. I would say the older Pixel 2/X... moreTrue, though the 3a seems to be on equal ground. It loses out in front speakers and waterproofing, but otherwise, everything is either equal or better with the 3a

                                  Kingslayer, 07 May 2019I've been very fortunate to get all these phones for cheap ... moreSorry to say, but manufacturers have stopped making small flagships altogether.

                                  Your best bet would be the upcoming Moto RAZR phone which should be fairly compact overall.

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                                    • 07 May 2019

                                    The cheapest hardware they could have found for those prices. And a 2013 design...

                                    Well, about the camera... the time goes fast. Others offer better cameras like the Mi9 for lower prices and better hardware. There more than 12 phones above Pixel 3 cameras today in the rankings and add that with a mid-range SoC is less capable for video recording than the flagship one.

                                    Nothing exciting in these phones. The only thing remarkable is the high price for its hardware. So they enter in the overpriced category.

                                      I've been very fortunate to get all these phones for cheap and within a year of their release...

                                      Xiaomi Mi 3, $250
                                      LG G5 (Sprint), $120-$240
                                      Essential Phone, $224
                                      Google Pixel 3, $450

                                      I sold that $120 G5 for a profit. I was also very fortunate to get the Sega Dreamcast for $50 brand new when they were being liquidated in late-2001.

                                      I don't want the OnePlus 6T for over $500 when I hate that size in a smartphone. The max size is the smaller Pixel and iPhone X/XS.

                                      I like that Google is expanding their lineup to cater to different markets and price points. I hope the Pixel 4a will be as small as the smaller Pixel flagships.

                                      #TeamPixel for life.

                                        not bad,but the front looks a bit outdated