Google suspends Huawei's Android license following a Trump order

20 May 2019
Chip companies, including Intel and Qualcomm, also begin to cut supply to the Chinese maker.

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ZolaIII, 20 May 2019OSM maps are much better than Google maps in some parts of ... moretry to find stores location outside google on every country !!!

Moj, 20 May 2019there are lot's of other apps which can simply take google ... morenope . world wide cover is google only . other software dont cover all the worlds map , and the local language , nor traffic.

ZolaIII, 20 May 2019OSM maps are much better than Google maps in some parts of ... more"some"

but if you travel , nothing is like google map

kova4a, 20 May 2019What are you talking about. Google Maps has been consistent... morenope ! it is accurate . maybe you live under a rock or in a stupid country

  • Huawei User

This is really dirty and cheap thinking. They can't tolerate for Huawei growth, nothing else. If china people stop using iPhone then they can't survive. If China play same way then everyone will be in trouble. All major company industry in China

  • zing song

china never loss job but usa loss their money and pay more people cause when they move Europe country, china market all over the world ,

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 May 2019Apps are.not problem as there are ways to sideload them...p... morewanna know what will happen, thousand of chinese will lose their job if China force to close Apple and other US companies facilities. China can't surely accomodate all of the people that will lose their job, so it will also a loss on their part.

  • Anonymous

Huawei must do business in china only.

  • s

Anonymous, 21 May 2019I think Huawei can buy the chips like semiconductor or some... moreyeah sure they can make their own chipset but do you think the prices would still be low?well it won't be low if that will happen the company won't income that much if they do the same prices. their os they can create but they us developer we won't go and develop apps and games to them. they have the lack of access to all the wants and needs of most end users. and they company itself they can't those existing programming languages that are based on u.s.a. which is mostly programming languages that we are using is base on u.s.a. . do you think they can please facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp and other apps to develop apps to their os?if can't understand me you can search on google search engine and use google chrome browser.

--VM--, 20 May 2019If they created OWN OS . No problem . Than what about wha... moreI am not a typical smartphone user. I don't care about any of that. To give you perspective I would still be using a Lumia 950 XL if I had not needed a bluetooth app that syncs with a DSP that only is made for Android. Is a shame many people cannot live without an app.

Anonymous, 20 May 2019Huawei said no to NSA backdoor in 2014, that's real reason ... moreWhat backdoor?

  • Anonymous

This is really bad for Huawei and fans that like and buy Huawei phones. Other people don't care as they buy phones from different brands. But Huawei isn't threat. Every company does the same as spying and tracking.

  • Anonymous

It doesn't matter if Huawei is number one or number two in phone sales. They will always be behind Apple because Apple make their own OS and they own their own App store.

  • Anonymous

Luxor, 21 May 2019Software side is easy but hardware wise it will be really d... moreI think Huawei can buy the chips like semiconductor or some other components required for making smartphone from other suppliers in the world such as Samsung until Huawei can produce their own chip used for their smartphones like their own Kirin processor chip. They don't need to heavily depend upon the U.S supplier on the smartphone components. As long as they can come up with their own OS ecosystem, they can survive and even complete with the U.S manufacturers.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 May 2019trading war. Part 1 1. In which country US company Apple i... moreYou mean the evil country that US citizens hate but had their jobs exported to it just so they can buy luxury things for cheap? Haha. Slave labor.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 May 2019Omg do u actually believe this is about huawei vs apple? ... moreYou distrust Huawei but has no problem with data slurping USA hardware/software? Lol.

  • Anonymous

Galaxy Note 10 Pro, 21 May 2019Comply with US Government ! Huawei mobiles & telecom eq... moreOmg do u actually believe this is about huawei vs apple?
Do u think Trump is an apple fanboy gsmarena user?

huawei is a threat! Deal with it! Founded by a military technologist in a communist country with ties to the government. In China btw Google is BANNED! That's ok but banning Huawei from US is not?

I live in Europe. I had a Huawei P Smart. I do NOT trust Huawei tho.
Huawei is in no way irreplaceable! Can switch to Samsung any time no problem! Not worth the risk.

Anonymous, 21 May 2019It's simply easier for Huawei to comply with whatever the U... moreComply with US Government ! Huawei mobiles & telecom equipment are banned in USA, yet they are number 2 in the Mobile segment! Huawei can do all things asked by US Government, yet they will be banned because US Government is apparently protecting ineffecient corporations unable to compete with Chinese corporations who are becoming innovative, competitive and becoming smarter in launching high tech products in the global scale....this USSR strategy with USA flag...

  • Anonymous

It's simply easier for Huawei to comply with whatever the US gov asked them to do than develop their own operating system and make every single chip that goes into their phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 May 2019"This means any future smartphones will come without Google... moreGuess you don't need the play store either?