ARM cuts ties with Huawei in a devastating blow

22 May 2019
The ripple effect of the US-imposed ban on Huawei continues.

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  • altich

Anonymous, 28 May 2019China underestimated America's influence to friendly nation... moreYou could turn this remark around...
US friendly nations? What does that mean? It means the nations that the US made dependent of them as a part of the US mater plan in terms of dominance.
The last 20 years this dominance started to crumble due to the up-rise of other economies who would not take all the shit from the US and who even performed better then the latter.
China is one of them (let's not forget Russia who also gives the US the finger for many years already and has been soiled for it by any means possible) and like Russia but even more then the latter it doesn't want to be tied in a strangling way by the US.
Putting China on the silly list is the prove that the US is afraid of China as an economic power.
For years the US has done nothing else then stealing technology by every means possible. It has been spying on an industrial scale (even with a business model behind it to gain easy money out of it). It's so brainless to accuse China of doing espionage (which of course they do) while the good Ol US of A has done nothing else since the second world war, not for safety but for sheer hunger for power, profit or simply greed. The so called friendly nations where the first of being emptied from anything that could be of any use to the US followed by the so called nations of evil.
In short, before you start saying bullshit, think first, look and shut up if it's going to be small talk. This so called trade war is orchestrated just for the personal gain of the few, not for the commons which we are.

  • Anonymous

China underestimated America's influence to friendly nations around the globe. Meanwhile China is building enemies rather than friends with its deceptive business practices and unreasonable seizures of areas which she does not owned.

  • nico

Lilian, 25 May 2019They don't realize that this will have more of a negative e... moreNah. US is showing what they got so they can pressure China. It doesn't matter how many guns you got at home if you can't use them when it's time to fight.

  • Anonymous

the only thing I am reading from this is: Huawei open a back door for us so we can spy on the rest of the world, or you can not sell your equipment to no body...

  • Lilian

They don't realize that this will have more of a negative effect on US later.
Now China will invest/concentrate on decoupling this industry from any US dependency - affecting long-term US business...

  • Johnny

This is so sad! Because America said so, bend over and take one for trump. It seems Apple sales are down and Huawei are up how can we solve this..... Hmmmm lie.

no such thing as blow or devastax etc about it, doesn't matter, cepu p1gidts, do, be, can do, be any no matter what and any be perfect

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 May 2019There is no ARM's race. ARM is so far ahead of everyone el... moreSo there is a race with a wonderful lead.

  • Anonymous

China getting what it deserves in response to all the bad treatment it does and always did to foreign companies. They don't like to play fair, so now the world is returning the same to them.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 May 2019All the people blaming Trump, you need to know this stupidi... moreMaking a jest easier than making mobile Soc or developing an OS from scratch.

  • Anonymous

realitychecker, 22 May 2019im so looking forward to when china bans the exports of rar... moreLol that's such a juvenile thing to do, like a child throwing a tantrum. They should keep selling it to us at the same rate as other countries, maybe a little more if they feel that emotionally hurt. Commy China and its buddy Hooway should develop their own software and hardware instead of relying on ours and leveraging our own technology to spy on others on behalf of the Chinese government.

  • Anonymous

telephone sales guy, 23 May 2019here we go again , So basically USA is sustaining losses o... moreUK is a Close Ally of US and Japan is US puppy country so they can dictate what they want to do.

And because ENGLISH is easily understood by many countries compared to Chinese Languages US can easily cause mass PROPAGANDA to make China BAD.

  • Anonymous

There is no ARM's race. ARM is so far ahead of everyone else that it can stop in the middle of the race, eat at Denny's, come back to the race and still remain ahead.

Anonymous, 22 May 2019But RISC-V is American too isn't it ? Its open-source, which means it is under no one's control who can stop others from using it.

  • Anonymous

ARM's race.

  • anonymous

You guys really have no idea how embedded SoC's are made, the whole technology flow and how different players are involved in each step. The loser here is ARM, not Huawei. The whole thing is so convoluted, so unless you've in the industry, it is easy to just jump into conclusion.

It'll be a loss in ROI on HiSi. But fine, more reasons to jump over to RISC-V. As the whole world is. ARM's breadbasket is crumbling right in front of us.

  • Anonymous

telephone sales guy, 23 May 2019here we go again , So basically USA is sustaining losses o... moreI have heard from the news that Panasonic also cut ties with Huawei due the ban. Huawei has had 100+ subcontracts with Japanese companies for supplying electronics component. Not only do the United States target China, but they want their close ally like Japan to sink as well. United States is such a loser country.

  • telephone sales guy

here we go again ,
So basically USA is sustaining losses on phone sales.
US are using scare tactics by TRUMP on an emerging market leader and innovator HUAWEI.
First of all ARM is a British Company that is owned by the Japanese.
How they manage to "strongarm" ARM is beyond my comprehension . They might as well claim the underwear im wearing as thier property .
How to stop HUAWEI is to create a vastly superior product, Huawei has shown that it has the performance and is reliable and dependable because when it comes to repairs we get less damaged phones (softeware/hardware) than other competing Androids.
So they cant beat them in innovation , so they are using sales bans.

  • Reijail Da

Anonymous, 23 May 2019this is the death blow. RIP Huawei.No one will die, man. If Trump directs his nuclear weapons to several countries, then says, "Don't buy products from Huawei, or i blow your ass!" Well, that's when Huawei can die. If examined further, i think Huawei is a customer while ARM Holdings is a seller. Somewhat awkward when looking at sellers who refuse their merchandise to buy. Customers will run away, look for other alternatives. As simple as that.

  • Anonymous

Just in case some of you Huawei fans don't know, Kirin chips are built from ARM chips. The Kirin 980 is built from A76 and A55 ARM chips. Now that ARM will not sell that to Huawei anymore, there will be no more Kirin 980. Huawei is dead.