Is Samsung delaying the launch of Galaxy S III until after MWC?

25 January, 2012
The company might announce the device later to avoid a huge gap between its global and US availability.

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  • Todals

PC, 30 Jan 2012Quad core doesn't mean anything. Is there any quadcore smartpho... morePlease bare in mind that the S3 is a "PHONE" and not a "PC". take any tablet and compare it with a pc. take a PS3 and compare it with a pc. all different target audience so don't use such examples ma man.....

  • PC

Quad core doesn't mean anything.
Is there any quadcore smartphone can run GTA IV, God of War III Like PC do.

  • Raz

Working in the mobile phone field and enjoying a wide variety of devices; I will make a wild prediction that the Galaxy SIII will be the phone to own this year. The SII made such an impression in our stores that it even drew in Apple afficianados. In Canada and the US, that is a really tough nut to crack.

The longer I work in this industry the more I realize that "better" is dependent on perception and not necessarily spec. The SII was a thing of beauty, with just a few minor tweaks to over all design and port placement, it definitely set itself apart from the iPhone; which unfortunately the original S did not do.

The SIII will be among the top players this year and will likely be the best for viewing experience on the whole. There will definitely be stiff competition from Sony and Apple as well.

I personally own an SII and an iphone 4S and enjoy them for different reasons, but the SII has the flash factor this year. Here is to an exciting 2012, hopefully Samsung keeps up the momentum.

  • Anonymous

Red, 28 Jan 2012what is mwc?Mobile world congress

  • hy

sII got amo LED but the color look green. hope sIII the color look more natural.

  • Samsung stays behind

It is normal to south Korean company to stays behind the US company like Apple. They will loose their important client if they introduce something better on market.They will be always the sparing for apple only teasing but not competing.

  • Anonymous

I hope they don't release this phone,because I'm buying S II!!.

  • Red

what is mwc?

  • Anonymous

Nokia... really?! Sad to say but Nokia's Symbian is CR^%AP!! The Battle is betwen Apple and Samsung , and it seems Samsung is kinda winning ( all tought I'v got an iPhone4).

  • Anonymous

AnonD-12210, 27 Jan 2012bùt its way behind n8 though . N8 wth belle rocks .keep dreaming :)

  • AnonD-12210

AnonD-252, 26 Jan 2012Even the old Galaxy S is better than Lumia 800!bùt its way behind n8 though . N8 wth belle rocks .

  • AnonD-38762

Now Samsung must just come up with a free app that can outsmart the Apple Voice function, and makes it available to all other Samsung Android phones - mmmm, I'll be the first to download, lol.

  • 3Zukr

There will be a tough competition between SG3 along with SG2(as SG2 is still popular) and iphone5 along with iphone 4S. Apart from these two amjor players, other emerging players are also there in the battlefield. So now soncumers will go for the one which has more features, good looking, and with more battery lifel.
Motorola came up with 3300mAH battery but have no idea how log it battery lasts once fully charged. I hope Nokia and Samsung will also come up with phones with better battery life.

  • Anonymous

Bill, 27 Jan 2012Hmmm....sounds like he's been reading into too much of the mains... moreDamn, a really nice, objective and smart comment in all that jungle.

  • rafie

Maybe samsung wait for others brands comeout with they beast 1st and samsung will comeout samsung s3 as conclusion for all that... Even samsung always come out with a new things.. Thats not make they the best... But how to make it even better.. Thats count...

  • The Dominator II

Yea right.Samsung are scared off from Sony.They didn`t expect that they`ll strike that hard.Xperia S is break the Samsung plans for easy win.Now they`ll never win.Samsung was strong when sonyericsson(Sony) was down becasue of theyr unnatractive and cheap ``innovations``.But now tides are changed,Sony is again in best shape,maybe better than ever.So competition can just take care.I`m not the fanboy at all,but i`m telling the facts right.Don`t argue with me to convince me in opposite.That`ll not work at me.Cheers

  • Bill

AnonD-7496, 27 Jan 2012lol if they made the device first and wanted for competition, wo... moreHmmm....sounds like he's been reading into too much of the mainstream Apple obsessed sensationalist media headlines, people can't decide for themselves what they like. Yes, Samsung have copied slightly with case covers and some icons, but doesn't that make LG a copycat by definition seeing as thier UI is almost identical. Samsung fearing competition??? If anything, Samsung THRIVES competition unlike Apple whom sue and doctor images of the competition to make a device look like thier own, that makes them fear competitiveness, not Samsung. Samsung like Apple, are a large conglomerate company but for what it's worth, the ideas and innovations of the Asian giant are far more exciting long term than Apple, which takes a careful yet dull approach but to aggressively patent minute details that never materialise but do it for the sake of being 'inventive'. Wasn't the swipe down menu in I0S 5 Android's idea, in that case should Google not sue Apple for infringing on thier idea, and Apple has the cheek to accuse the Galaxy Nexus of taking the swipe to unlock feature when it is clear that a) the Galaxy Nexus can be unlocked either way in both directions and has face unlock added too b) many other phones have this feature c) this is more personal than an attack on Samsung, Apple are after ICS and Google for a swipe feature that in no way is reminiscent of the IOS swipe to unlock. Hypocritical hyperbole coming from the communist led egos of Cupertino who no doubt, want every one of us to own an Iphone. It looks like thier good at manipulating a few gullible people.

  • zomo

gt-i9300 just poped up on samsung download center...this means that galaxy s3 is likely to be announced in mwc 2012

  • AnonD-7496

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2012They are definitely delaying due to fear of the competition. Sam... morelol if they made the device first and wanted for competition, wouldn't that mean their being copied? i'm no engineer but i think it takes a little longer than two weeks to make a device, even if its a copy

  • Patrick

has anyone noticed how many people are "Apple haters" now...... NOW who's following trends and hype!!!
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