Samsung Galaxy Note10 won't have a headphone jack or physical buttons

31 May 2019
A new rumor disturbingly reiterates mumblings we've heard in the past.

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  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 03 Jun 2019How would I know? Are you kidding now? I know people who ar... know people who use them. Therefore that proves that have supreme unheard of godly software that none other can match.... being as easily manipulated as the ones using them. Whether you use them or not.

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2019I never said you used apple products. And you just did it... moreHow would I know? Are you kidding now? I know people who are using them, that how I know it! :))

  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 03 Jun 2019You are wrong. I have never used Apple products. I am just ... moreI never said you used apple products.
And you just did it again. I never used apple products but they are amazing..... How would you know.
Plus there's a difference between great software and vastly superior software.
You're just full if logical fallacies and contradictions.

Anonymous, 31 May 2019You just proved youre one of those people who only follow t... moreYou are wrong. I have never used Apple products. I am just saying the truth man. Iphones have a great software.

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2019I didn't realize how crazy you were before. I mean from yo... moreMan i am pretty normal but what you ahve against me i dont get it.
Everything that helps sales is good for bussiness so removing jack is good for bussiness,
I am not attacking anyone you cant prove that.
And that superior videly used option is useless obsolette and like removable batteries ended same goes for jack. Show me where people protested for having a swappable batteries in their phones???
Nowhere same goes for jack. Soon or later people will ascend over it and start using wireless they will have no choice anyway. Its not my decision i am just simple human and bussiness man noone special.

And if we call about greed. New XS Max cost less than 400dollars to make but cost 1600 in shops. S10+ 5G cost around 420 dollars to make but in shops its price will be over 1600.
If this is not greedy then i dont know.
By the way on you can buy dozens of bluetooth or wireless audio from as cheap as 1 euro.

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 02 Jun 2019Bad news would be if they keep jack. This are good news. ... moreI didn't realize how crazy you were before.
I mean from your rude, obsessive, and bashing comments I knew there was problems.

But this really shows another level. You are filling a whole page of just your comments. And only to sit here and attack people and praise companies for taking away a superior and still widely needed option. One that many still rely on and one that could come in handy to almost anyone in some situations. And the worst part is that there is absolutely no reason or benefit to it. At all. There is zero benefit. Only negative and taking options and flexibility away.

And Bluetooth sales are increasing regardless. So even that aspect of your claims is bogus. Not to mention the reason they are crap and cost so much is because of the greed and laziness of companies. And people being so easily herded. Not because people don't buy them enough.
Especially now a days. Unfortunately cool marketing or pushing a little bit of bass is considered high quality sound.

I think old Samsung phones were more capable than new generation Samsung phones. They ditch IR Blaster, Iris Scanner and going to ditch 3.5mm jack. Whether Xiaomi phones are provided with IR blaster, FM radio and headphone jack and pull down Samsung from top rank in India. Now Xiaomi is considered best and advanced phone maker in India, their phone are complete and value for money. Peoples makes Xiaomi as No. 1 in India and buy their phone even with extra premium.

Walter C. Dornez, 02 Jun 2019Is that a song?Well a song with Dont worry be happy really exist as exist a song with name cry me a river.

CptPower, 02 Jun 2019Dont worry, be happy. DONT WORRY, BE HAPPY. Or we can... moreIs that a song?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2019Who needs 3.5mm jack when there are Bluetooth headsets available?Didn't realize the truth upset you that horrifically lmfao

Anonymous, 31 May 2019Relax, opefully this is only a rumor. Otherwise Samsung wil... moreMan crapple removed jack long time ago and they lost nothing so relax and enjoy new tricks from Samsung.

Murthuja, 31 May 2019Please don't remove 3.5mm Headphone JackLike they can hear you Muhahahahaa,
Sorry mate no.
This is the only way to increase sales of our wireless devices.
Jack must been removed for the sacrifice of grater good.

vince, 31 May 2019For the love of god keep the fu****g 3,5mm jack !Man even got would remove jack just because its future.

Anonymous, 31 May 2019Unlike many, I have some high quality bluetooth heaphones f... moreExactly wireless are equal and phone makers refuses to make what customers want they only make whats good for profit.

Fayth, 31 May 2019the inevitable... wont be surprised if Samsung ditch SD Card slotYes they will even i consider 64GB as enough.
Having more space is an option but having SD card slot in a phone with 64GB or more is worthless.

TheWildShadow55, 31 May 2019This BETTER not be true. I'm considering buying this phone ... moreLess features but same price is good for samsung for profit they will save some costs thus increase sales profit.

DantE O2, 31 May 2019BT headphones are sht, nothing else. if that's your future ... moreMan maybe for your others finds them good enough because less and less phones have headphone jack so people are used to have wireless devices.
Even from a no choice you have to pick.
End of story.

Anonymous, 31 May 2019This is not the future. This is the present. And the presen... moreBut this is future.
Analog things are tech of the far past.
We live other era.
When you cant change change them go with them.

L973, 31 May 2019A pretty expensive future tho. Now where're muh funds Mr Pr... moreMan even bluetooth devices goes down with price as soon as there will be no wired ones.
Such as many type of charging connectors has been unified to micro usb back in 2012 by the law from european union.

Aaadhi, 31 May 2019common Samsung, you want to milk like Apple. I have move ... moreMan praise the samsung they finaly made a good decision.
Keeping analong ancient technologies in present wireless future like era is not good for anyone.