Sony infographic brags about its mobile innovations, records and world firsts

31 May 2019
Sales aren't going that well, but Sony wants you to know all about its past accomplishments.

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Lol Sony, they should release infographic about most gimmicky festures and 4k screen will take half of the list. I mean what do you get from 4k screen on tiny 5to 6 inch display? Answer is nothing you barely see any difference from 1080p to 4k on such a tiny screens. Completely usless feature :)

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2019Grow upGet a life insolent! Thank you!

  • Anonymous

Syuser, 06 Jun 2019Best of! Sony is amazing for who care about its hidden assets. N... moreGrow up

SonyNerd, 03 Jun 2019Well I have a list for you too and I am not even using Sony phon... moreBest of! Sony is amazing for who care about its hidden assets. Not for curved looking so bad hue/colored ultra expensive oled screens! Best devices from the start!

  • JJ

Now these are True SONY cell innovations in cluttered c &k mfgs low quality/product market.

  • Anonymous

LOL, 05 Jun 2019Who cares? Xperia phones are not selling at all. The Xperia 1 ch... moreThe Xperia 1 makes a difference. Just how much time will tell

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2019Chill, no need to insult fans. Some just grew up with Sony stuff... moreInsulting fan boys is not a big thing, they deserve it.
About Sony Phones I don't agree with you. tbh their prices are way too much for what they offer, I don't say Apple is doing better or Samsung I'm talking specialy about Sony. Sony phones are one of the ugliest and most outdated designed phones on the market, their cameras are horrible, their guarantee and customer services are horrible, their quality is horrible (just look at how many problems are reported since Xperia Z3 and Sony even doesn't care about people with broken out of the box phones), mid range mic and speakers, greedy hardwares. I actually don't see much in Sony phones to defend. As a really good midrange phone and a fair price would be maximum half of what Sony asks for.

  • LOL

Who cares? Xperia phones are not selling at all. The Xperia 1 changes nothing.

It's propaganda for Sony shareholders, convincing them why Sony needs to continue with its mobile business.

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Anonymous, 03 Jun 2019Meanwhile Samsung had first camera in a phone. Was first on mos... moreWhy on Earth did gsm just repost this? Oh well

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Dr. Chillo, 03 Jun 2019Ok Let's go step by step. Are Samsung Panels showing realistic ... moreChill, no need to insult fans. Some just grew up with Sony stuff. As long as they keep developing stuff and testing out the waters, while still making capable phones, they are good. At flagship level, their prices are sorta fair since they've got the same or better componentry as others. Their software and android implementation is very good, and battery optimization is excellent, only the camera isn't quite. The Xperia 1 changes that because they still pack a punch as per tech spurt youtube review and comparison. I hope they still keep making compact phones. They're still the only ones making flagship level compact phones at the price of 'flagship killer' midrange phones, it's hopeless however because their xperia 1 compact will seem to get taller and gets out of 5 inch screen range. In the end, it was all about the camera software. Sorry in behalf of the crazed fans.

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Anonymous, 01 Jun 2019Innovations are cool and all and many companies can be the first... moreThey did implement it the best. All these 'gimmicks' they have run perfectly and then later on Sony gets scavenged alive by other smartphone enterprises when they copy what Sony said 'look what I can do'. No one notices because Sony never let itself be known, it's its own folly and weakness. People don't even know they've been using sony cameras all day long. They don't need to know that all they know is their phone camera is good.

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2fast2race, 03 Jun 2019In real world the best mirrorless cameras use the same af system... moreCameras using that has nothing to do with don't implementation in Xperia phones.
And it's speed is directly related to it's performance.
Please use logic next time you reply

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[deleted post]What a load of crap.
There are not many ways to modify it to get that much more out of it. Especially over other devices. Maybe compared to iPhone but that's almost any Droid. Unfortunately only unlocked bootloader and custom roms can do that. Not even just root alone. And you have to have support for that device from people actually working on and porting those mods.
When now a days even root alone is not always so easily achievable for most devices.
And from for a reasonable price in comparison?????? Smaller battery, less storage, worse camera, and up before now display that was more behind and lacking ois or aperture that even compared to kid range devices just to name a few….and that's a reasonable to pay almost the same or more in some cases for????

Second the reasons many people have Samsung's and not many people have Sony are simple. Samsung does a number of things in the phone more superior. Proven in lab tests. Plus they gave more features.
And most importantly they actually advertise their devices and release them.
Despite all of Sony's shortcomings and issues they could have dramatically better sales if they actually properly advertised and released their devices in more regions and with more carriers.
People barely know of the existence of Sony phones and that's Sony's own fault entirely.

But you were factual in one aspect.. you are clearly a Sony die hard fan. Evident by your bad mouthing other hands for no good reason as well as clearly having no clue what you are talking about.

[deleted post]Indeed. I agree, no doubt we choose about fashion over the quality these days and it is horrible.

JoelRaj-1002, 03 Jun 2019Haha, this must be the joke of the year! So funny! It's just coz... moreOk Let's go step by step.
Are Samsung Panels showing realistic colors or not I don't care, it is a smartphone not real life color detector and we're not doing pro photo editing on our phones, actually no one does so at the end if it is realistic or not, no one cares but which one is more beautiful and more pleasening to look at, almost everyone cares.
Do they produce awesome camrecorders? YES, do they have one of the best camera lens technology? YES, do they get the most out of their camera and lenses in their phones? HELL NO. Almost everyone manage's to get better quality pictures out of SONY's camera than Sony itselt. I Don't care about DxoMark but for real Xperia phones have nothing to say in photography and recording video.
Do I live in my unrealistic world? NO. Do am I loyal to a brand or something? HELL NO, I have brain so I'm not a fan boy but I have eyes and I can see which panel is more pleasing to look at. Samsung, Sony, LG, etc. I don't care for.Important things are for me the quality and the price, when we talk about Sony phones they are extremly overpriced and some gimmcik useless stuff like 4K HDR are not going to impress me. There's almost no 4K HDR content in YouTube, Netflix, DAZN, etc. except 4k HDR Sony commercial video from Jungles of Costa Rica.

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2019In real world that focus never was as good or fast as the competitionIn real world the best mirrorless cameras use the same af system as this because that's the best system for autofocusing available. The fact that it's not the fastest doesn't change the outcome and the result of a photo or a video.

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2019Just because a product is good doesn't mean there price is justifiedYou are right, and that is the reason why I hate the bitten fruit company.

Sony better leave smartphone industry.

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 01 Jun 2019You seem a fanatic hater, telling nonsense and lmfaoing. So, wha... moreBwahahahahaha!!! Yes factually point out the nature of people here some how logically translates to me being a hater without saying anything non factual or negative even.
Please do explain how that works lol

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Anonymous, 02 Jun 2019Even my five year old Z3 still works fine. Sony is legend company.Yeah. I have a Z3. Two left actually. And one Z ultra left.
They work ok.

One Z3 cracked in pocket. Touch useless. One suffered motherboard failures. EXTREMELY OVERLY common issues of most Sony devices up til 2016.
One Z ultra motherboard failures. Another tiny hairline and no touch. Luckily Frankenstein z ultra works fine.

And the audio, battery, display, camera, and smoothness were absolutely nothing extraordinary on the Z3. Contrast to the claims of many here for it and many devices prior. As well as ones that followed.