Samsung Galaxy Note10 will come with physical buttons after all, but no headphone jack

01 June 2019
Samsung did test a design without the physical buttons, but it didn't pass the company's "rigorous testing."

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  • Zahoor

Looks ugly

  • Anonymous

And the sad thing is it doesn't make any sense even from their perspective. If they rmoved the sd slot and forced people to buy more storage, it would make them more money. But jack removal? They can only lose, there's nothing to gain from such move. These people are DEMENTED.

  • Anonymous

I'd rather buy a $100 ultra low-end phone than buy something as impractical as this. Especially for tons of money. "Flagship" suggests best at everything. But nowadays, everything's backwards. Mid-rangers are for power users and flagships are for show-offs who only care about making pictures and playing games.

  • Anonymous

the sam "rigirous testing" they put the Fold through?