Sony Xperia 1 arrives in China, sells out in Europe

07 June 2019
The device costs CNY6,299 (€808), over 15% less than in the EU.

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  • Anonymous

Beautiful Sony... Thus flagship cell phone of the year 2019.

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2019Sony still sells phones ???Noob, any minimum-savvy tech guy knows they sell phones.

LOL, 10 Jun 2019You can just release a few units for sale, and they can eas... moreI don't agree your point! When the Sony mobile and Sony electronic division is separate you all trolls that they don't put enough concern on mobile but now they have regroup and working in ONE team you just say Sony mobile is absorbed electronic that's show no matter how Sony improve and moving forward you all can smear it vilify it and giving negative comments.

  • AnonD-819322

Nice to see Sony doing well :) They were one of the best in 2012-2014.

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 07 Jun 2019M20 in china cost 126 dollars in europe is 240 eurs. This... moreActually in Europe they get good deals which we can't find when preorder or purchase the phone now. Only thing I saw in a one store in T-mall which was 400GB SD card free with the phone for 6299RMB mainland China version.

whatever you say, it wont make xperias any less than a premium gadget anyday
their marketing is not bad, its a brand without marketing and yet they even sell around 10 million every year is one hell of a shock for many. Among these 10 million devices, more than half of those are hardcore fans like me who will never ever downgrade from a top brand releasing quality devices year after year.

  • LOL

You can just release a few units for sale, and they can easily be 'sold out' within a short time, generating a false narrative that they're 'popular'. It's the oldest trick in advertising, even Microsoft tried that when it was selling Windows phones.

Sony's quarterly and annual financial reports will reveal the truth. But since the mobile division is now absorbed into Sony's electronics and cameras division, it'll be less embarrassing for CEO Yoshida.

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2019And yet, I personally know a hairdresser somewhere in Ukrai... moreWell he dont have an Ukraine pension monthly salary he is still working.

Just read this

and honestly read this:

Actually sony smartphones is very good, classy look with huge top and bottom bezels. The screen and the speaker also. The main problem here in Indonesia, their after sales service too bad. The spare part replacement so rare here. The user have to wait until 1 until 2 even until 3 months, waiting the spare parts imported directly from Japan. The users don't care about it's cost as long as the spare parts available and original. Sometimes the local repair center until gave up to supply those spare parts and let the users hopeless, angry and dissapointed with their useless device.It makes the other users scare and avoiding buy sony smartphones anymore. Now sony smartphone left the competition from Indonesia because no one buying their device anymore. After sales service is most important thing here.

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 09 Jun 2019Man both China and India have 40% of total world population... moreAnd yet, I personally know a hairdresser somewhere in Ukraine that ownes an iphone..

  • Anonymous

FO2, 07 Jun 2019Samsung is ditching that soon as well, so deal with it. What's your point???

lwcs614, 07 Jun 2019Low price to occupy the market. China and India both have m... moreMan both China and India have 40% of total world population.
And in Europe there is also many countries which cant afford much.
Just for example in Ukraine pension is only 50 euros per month.
Now tell me what you can afford for 50 euros from which you have to pay your rent bills food bills etc. Which phone???
Even the cheapest among all touchphones cost more than 50 euros nowdays.
Thats just example.
THere is much more countires where salary is s low that people of that country can barely affrd any phone.

theStick, 07 Jun 2019Prices in Europe have always been higher, it's in part due ... moreWell. Nicely said about Sony and their marketing strategies.
But 100 more bucks have nothing to do with taxation and logictic cost.
By the way try to guess how much phone can a very large ship transfer.
One Maersk (TEU) container is about 12 meters long and like 2 meters hgh. One big cargo ship can carry maybe several billion devices maybe more. Pretty easy.
Largest carggo ship in world can carry much over 20k containers.
And belongs to the Samsung. I dont think with this capacity a single device transporting cost will grow o more than 0,001 penny. Even a single TIR with one Maersk (TEU) container can transfer several tenth thousdants devices. So your statement is wrong.
Sometimes can be good to watch some TV programs like this its very educational.

Ali Bashir, 08 Jun 2019Yes, LMAO on all those days Samsung mocked Apple for their ... more Screen burn ins is really history from 7/8 years ago now. Stop trolling here. Anyway, there are just a many problems with Sony's LCD screens. Plus now, Sony is using Oled from LG and/or Samsung.

Ali Bashir, 08 Jun 2019Understand what?? The way you understand things, this is no... moreObviously, English is a foreign language to you, hence, you can't understand my comments. It's also quite hard to understand your broken English. Please get help from your English teacher....Again, in simplified Engish for you. People don't buy Sony phones due to its horrible reputation of excessive faults. They are available online world wide, if you choose. Sony is not in the top 10 of phone sales or popularity. Your pathetic excuses such as bad marketing etc are ridiculous. Sony's name is well established and is known to sell all entertainment devices.

  • Anonymous

Europe finally gets on the boat with SONY flagship monsters.

Tann Hauser, 08 Jun 2019Well, arguably yes. You get a headphone jack hole, but also... moreYes, LMAO on all those days Samsung mocked Apple for their Notches, people used to complain about burns in their galaxy smartphone screens, so Samsung made it a trend.

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2019Yet, people prefer these other brands over Sony. Simply, be... moreUnderstand what?? The way you understand things, this is not gonna happen, once you step ahead you can't go back, simple method you should be able to understand.
Most people prefer other brands over Sony? Most people doesn't know even about the Sony phone thanks to Sonys hype marketing, which comes into a point if you want to see Sonys advertising or if you want to know what new things Sony has you need to visit their sites, then you will find the most common comment from costumers "where can i buy a Sony phone, it is not available in my country", Sony bean only in muscular shows these years.

  • rkunrela93

This is only good for Sony mobile

Livid, 08 Jun 2019Or, you could say, bezelless with screen hole and 3.5mm jac... moreJack 3.5 It's for the mid-range to listen to mp3