Sony Xperia 1 arrives in China, sells out in Europe

07 June 2019
The device costs CNY6,299 (808), over 15% less than in the EU.

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Sells out in Europe? That's good news for Sony. Meanwhile in Slovenia (Central Europe) still nothing. There's not even Xperia 10 & 10 Plus availible at the carriers. Only older models (XZ3, XZ2) at half a price.

Vodafone Spain 792 € Xperia 1 + TV 50" free

  • xtnsion

this is good news for them, i will mine next week :)

M20 in china cost 126 dollars in europe is 240 eurs.
This is again much cheaper device.
I really hate when these companies robs their customers.
From what we are worse than chinese or India people?
Even people of old continent Africa or America deserve same pricing as china and india would have.
This is definitely not fair.

  • Anonymous

Nice, I see why Europe sold out.. now lets see how it does in China.. will the Chinese want a quality cell phone? or stick with one of their own brands?