Google Nexus 6P compensation plan is finally official. If you own one, keep on reading

08 June 2019
US users affected by the bootloop and battery drain issues can get up to $400 in compensation.

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  • 04 Jan 2021

Peanutbuttermilk, 10 Jun 2019My Nexus 6p is in a bootloop that can't recover. Can I pres... moreso how can i flah my 6p nexus huawei

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    • Anonymous
    • PA7
    • 13 Jun 2019

    Nexus 6 made by Motorola still working fine, why from top maker Google bring down so far by Huawei made?

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      • Serna
      • bhb
      • 12 Jun 2019

      I'm actually one of the people who bought Nexus 6P in late December of 2015 and have issues with it. Mainly the battery drains as far back as late 2017. Lucky for my I still got the phone so I'm joining the class action lawsuit.

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        • Andre3000
        • k7C
        • 11 Jun 2019

        Peanutbuttermilk, 10 Jun 2019My Nexus 6p is in a bootloop that can't recover. Can I pres... moreI know right. that should be great proof of the issue.

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          • Rcktmike
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          • 10 Jun 2019

          What about the people Nexus 5x has he got into a bootloop and it had other issues with them although they still function are they doing anything for those people

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            • dMD
            • 10 Jun 2019

            The reboot issue, I reckon, was fixable by flashing a file that disabled half the cpu cores.
            The phone would run slow, but it would, at least, work.
            I'm glad I didn't buy it, nonetheless.

              My Nexus 6p is in a bootloop that can't recover. Can I present the actual phone as proof that I have this issue?

                U'll never be close to apple service, even my ipod nano 1st gen got a brand new replacement of ipod nano 5th

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                  • AnonD-732843
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                  • 09 Jun 2019

                  Andy93, 09 Jun 2019Exactly. Huawei, HTC and LG have all made phones for Google... moreGoogle designed the junk while Huawei produced the junk so they're both in the wrong.

                  Both companies gave the green light to this junk as no one objected at all so both parties are ultimately at fault.

                    What about those who repair the device by limiting cores?

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                      • 09 Jun 2019

                      cyber, 09 Jun 2019galaxy nexus was the last good quality phone made for googl... moreSamsung made the ugliest nexus of all time.

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                        • cyber
                        • S2D
                        • 09 Jun 2019

                        galaxy nexus was the last good quality phone made for google,since then every oher nexus-pixel had at least one major problem,let alone the price is higher than other flagships

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                          • 09 Jun 2019

                          Najeebah, 09 Jun 2019I'm someone who is facing this problem, but I live in India... moreYou're never getting anything unless you sue google/huawei in India. Good luck with that. Lol

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                            • Najeebah
                            • 7kH
                            • 09 Jun 2019

                            I'm someone who is facing this problem, but I live in India. My phone is in the same condition as mentioned in the article please help me out with it. I've not been able to get any refund for this phone.

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                              • Ishan
                              • DkR
                              • 09 Jun 2019

                              i have submitted the claim, but, will Non US folks will receive this compensation? I am from India. I had bootloop issue, got the mother board replaced, but, issue occured once again, after repairs were done, after it went out of warranty. Worst, folks at Huweai could not repair my device, they did not had parts in March 2018... shame.

                                Well, I did not own one, but there was and still is nothing done for users of this phone outside US, which is unfortunate. I have a colleague and he had all possible problems with this device. He will receive.. nothing.

                                  Jaeger, 09 Jun 2019Nexus 6P was made by Huawei, so they are to blame too.I had a Nexus 5X that bootlooped.

                                  Nexus 5X: Google + LG ... bootloop
                                  Nexus 6P: Google + Huawei ... bootloop

                                  Were the bootloops caused by design or manufacturing flaws?
                                  Who designed those devices?

                                    Kingslayer, 08 Jun 2019Yet, I hear people tell me they miss the Nexus devices. LOL... moreYour comment is just plain wrong. As someone who actually used the Nexus 6p, i can guarantee you that it had one of the best cameras on a phone of it's time. The display was pretty damn good, and battery life was comparable to it's direct competitors.

                                    Also, the bootloop issue was much less common on Nexus 6p as compared to Nexus 5x.

                                    All in all, it was one of the best Nexus branded phones.

                                      What about European's and other owners of the 6P. They should take responsibility internationally!

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                                        • AnkG
                                        • PEW
                                        • 09 Jun 2019

                                        Too bad that I don't live in USA. Customers outside USA are completely funked.