Huawei ships 1 million devices with its HongMeng OS

11 June 2019
The company CEO says the in-house OS will be available this fall.

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  • 22 Jul 2019

Huawei Boss claimed they were preparing for this US dirty tricks which will hit them one day, many years back. After the ZTE incident they put in more effort into getting ready for this big one. But they were caught by BIG surprise when US suddenly hit them with everything. Now their phone sales internationally are completely wreck, even though the Boss claimed that they actually have most of the alternative components for their phone production line. This will slow them down for at least 3 years before they can come up with a 100% made-in-China phone with an acceptable Huawei OS, which the international users will accept. The Long march for Huawei is now picking up momentum.
In the past they have not shown urgency and has been lackluster in preparing themselves for self sufficiency. Now they are caught with their pants down. When every thing were going their way, US was a good and reliable supplier, they became complacent.
Now the rest of the China phone companies are sitting up and and asking when their turn will come, ZTE, Huawei, who is next? So before it is too late, I'm sure they are not stupid to be caught like Huawei, they will start to prepare themselves for self-sufficiency, and slowly introduce their products in their domestic market and then to the rest of the world. They will not be caught a 2nd time, unless US suddenly declare all Chinese phone companies are a threat to US security and blacklist them next month. Then aaaaaaaaahhhh.
So on the positive side China has learnt an important lesson through this incident - never never trust USA again. Many US companies dealing with Chinese phone companies will not be profitable in the long run, as China will not need to buy from them. You see today they are begging Trump to allow them to continue to sell to China as they are losing money and before China completely by-pass them with alternative parts. Just wait and see.

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    • 14 Jul 2019

    Neutral, 16 Jun 2019Hi all, Does anyone knows that 600 companies in the USA ... moreWhere were they all this while

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      • balarex
      • KRV
      • 06 Jul 2019

      Ark OS

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        • 16 Jun 2019

        Dealler, 11 Jun 2019Of course it will, only naive retard would think otherwise.exactly

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          • 16 Jun 2019

          Hi all,

          Does anyone knows that 600 companies in the USA is now trying to negotiate with Mr. Trump to lift the ban???? Including Google.

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            • 16 Jun 2019

            toran, 12 Jun 2019are u american? like your leader, u guys sure living in yo... moreThey still believe in monopoly trading. So many similar applications are built in the USA and are they calling each other spies.

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              • 16 Jun 2019

              Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019And Who you think is the spy master of them all??Have we forgot about the whistle blower. Where is he from....... FB,Google collecting user data.... Correct me If I am wrong

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                • 16 Jun 2019

                Technology War.
                1. USA is losing the techonogy edge and China way ahead
                2. USA economics rating is nowhere near China and giving China another 10 years, what will happen to USA?
                3. Knowingly China is picking up pace with USA, the Big Brother Status is in jeopardy.
                4. Does USA spy on others including China???
                5. Not knowing how to move USA forward....stupid ideas need to be implemented by protecting ONESELF

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                  • g3Q
                  • 15 Jun 2019

                  Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019whatever stupid name it is, i believe only those who lost t... moreYou know Facebook, google are among the biggest personal data collectors, right? I was freak out one day that, google map on my samsung Android phone alerted me that I was not on the right route for home. And it was right as I planned to visit my friend that day. I couldn't remember I opted in for this!

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                    • p2L
                    • 14 Jun 2019

                    I wait Trump0S

                      Anonymous, 12 Jun 2019I don't think anyone outside China will buy a phone sportin... moreHong Meng OS is for China. Global is ARK OS as per global news.

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                        • King Jay Kay
                        • nCc
                        • 14 Jun 2019

                        Huawei Fan, 13 Jun 2019Cannot wait to tryIf they are going to support
                        What's app
                        Snap chat
                        Share It
                        Sound cloud
                        Any email client
                        PDF reader
                        Any MS Office suit
                        Pubg Mobile
                        Clash of clans
                        Clash Royale
                        And YouTube

                        I will never look back and will buy it instantaneously

                        And these are so common apps that's I know it gonna be the way am asking and yeah any maps app too any one

                        Like Waze or gmap etc

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                          • Huawei Fan
                          • N}s
                          • 13 Jun 2019

                          Cannot wait to try

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                            • fwq
                            • 13 Jun 2019

                            How will this effect south Africa

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                              • 13 Jun 2019

                              I don't think it is a brand-new operating system developed by Huawei, and it is actually a copy and modification of Android from Google. It is just like the idea for Debian and Ubuntu (a Debian distribution with proprietary interface and software.).

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                                • ibj
                                • 13 Jun 2019

                                Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019whatever stupid name it is, i believe only those who lost t... moreAnd Who you think is the spy master of them all??

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                                  • fJx
                                  • 13 Jun 2019

                                  Wikipedia translation is the the meaning of the Chinese Characters 'HongMeng'. Red Dream is the pronunciation of the 'HongMeng'. PRC media has said it will launch as ART globally.

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                                    • bJb
                                    • 13 Jun 2019

                                    sunn02, 12 Jun 2019Hey your interpretation for Hongmeng sounds like Genesis ch... morewhatever stupid name it is, i believe only those who lost their mind will buy a device from spy master. even with the name "iamshit", i believe if your security features is top of the world, people will rush for you. same, even with the most glamour name in the world, but your device collecting user data, full of backdoor for ching chong comm to steal your data, it is a rubbish for me

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                                      • sxs
                                      • 13 Jun 2019

                                      Huawei has been working on their HongMeng OS for the past seven years, and they claim it will be out this year.. really? suddenly it's ready after seven years? come on... rushing to fail...

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                                        • toran
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                                        • 12 Jun 2019

                                        hongmeng :), 12 Jun 2019Asian countries will still choose to use US product than ch... moreare u american?
                                        like your leader, u guys sure living in your own world, if that's anything, it would be the whole world are pretty fed up of america 'bully' ways of doing thing.

                                        many top company/product are still from US, consumer that used to looks at only product quality, will now starting to include nation sentiment, thanks to the line u guys keep drawing recently.

                                        ya, go build your little wall, u will soon need it.