Google reveals Pixel 4 design, confirms dual rear cameras

12 June 2019
The actual design is similar to all the leaks we have seen so far.

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Anonymous, 15 Jun 2019I pity your ignorance. "3.5mm jack - for old, outdated he... moreThis is easily one of my favourite replies.
I have an XZ Premium, and it doesn't have an fm radio receiver. And yes that's a downer for me.
I was thinking about the later phones that will ditch other features too.
Im taking extra good care of my phone now because I don't want to have to get a new one anytime soon.
At least they keep these features in the midrange phones.. for some reason.

  • Danman7200

Theresa always a deal breaker with pixel phones thg stops me buying. Other phones have three cameras now. Also u make phones ugly. Much prefer normal araangement of cameras

  • Anonymous

google phones sar level is high please do something

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019In terms of smartphones: 3.5mm jack - for old, outdated ... moreI pity your ignorance.
"3.5mm jack - for old, outdated headphones and microphones."
What? Do you even know how ubiquitous the 3.5mm jack is as a universal connection standard for audio? Name me a home theater system, a public speaker system, a recording studio, a movie studio or even a simple high fidelity home audio or karaoke speaker system that does not use any 3.5mm audio jack connections anywhere in the entire setup. Heck, even your laptop and desktop PC has one. If you can name a single recording studio that ONLY uses wireless audio connections and only allows wireless headphones, wireless microphones and wireless speakers to monitor, playback and mix sound recording, then maybe I can understand why you might think wired headphones and the 3.5mm jack are outdated and obsolete technology that will be gone in a few years' time. Otherwise, just shut up because there is absolutely no reason why a truly smart smartphone can't have both bluetooth and wired connections. Each serve a purpose and complement each other as both have certain advantages the other can never provide.

"SD card slot - for old and slow devices, with no regards to data security and system performance".
Are you serious? Don't you know you can encrypt micro sd cards in an android phone since Android 6.0 Marshmallow and that its presence greatly benefits storage flexibility and phone
longevity because one can add up to 1 TB storage for so much less? Besides, they are fast enough to record even 4K videos and are transferrable and reusable! Can you say the same of your phone's high end fast internal storage? You can even run apps on micro sd card if you are not obsessive about app loading speeds.

"What's next, grandpa? Would you like to have user replaceable batteries and thus lose device waterproofing?"
Ha-ha-ha! (sarcastic smile). You really think waterproofing and removable batteries are mutually exclusive? If you do, then you probably also believe the headphone jack and waterproofing are mutually exclusive!

Well you couldn't be more wrong! IP certified smartphones from Samsung with headphone jacks AND with dust and waterproofing AND with USER replaceable and REMOVABLE batteries have been around as early as 2013 with the S4 active! Do your research kid! The removable battery feature was ditched to accelerate planned obsolescence and now, it's only headphone jacks and waterproofing available with the latest 2019 Galaxy S10. No more removable batteries since Galaxy S6 (2015) and the LG V20 (2016), the absolute last flagship phone to have removable battery. Later this year, in the Note 10, even the headphone jack will be removed too! PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE at its finest!

Removing the headphone jack and sealing the batteries to achieve waterproofing are one of the lamest excuses a manufacturer can give you and you believed them. History shows all three (removable batteries, headphones jacks and waterproofing) can co-exist. There's even an FM radio and IR blaster then as additional regular phone features! Now who's the easily fooled, tech naive 'grandpa' now? What's next, you're going to say nobody uses infrared based remotes/appliances anymore? That nobody listens to analog FM broadcasts anymore? That both will cease to exist in a few years' time? How gullible!

If there's anyone to blame for ACCELERATED planned obsolescence in smartphones and why smartphones keep on INCREASING prices despite intense competition and a maturing, saturated smartphone market and technology, it's because of people like you who acquiesce to smartphone manufacturers' trend to make phones more and more feature limited and short-lived with an annual or biennial life cycle. Sure each year, there's some new camera feature, faster processor, etc. But there's absolutely zero reason to remove features that are
not obsolete now or will become obsolete even 10 years from now. (I honestly don't think we will no longer have IR remote based appliances, wired headphones, FM radio and external storage cards 10 years from now). It's like saying there will be no keyboards and computer mice 10 years from now because Google voice recognition and touch screen technology has has gotten so advanced.

  • Ubuntu meego

Kingslayer, 13 Jun 2019Generation 1 iPhone (best) iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS Gener... moreY there r 2 iPhone 4?

What were they thinking?
This is ugly guys. Same as the upcoming iphone i mean devil. Have some originality.

Kingslayer, 13 Jun 2019I actually think this is a smart move by Google to leak it ... moreHuawei made the square camera since last year. Apple and google got this from huawei

abigfanoftechs, 13 Jun 2019Doh! I was wrong. I thought Oppo/Vivo would copy that squar... moreYou don't have a clue...Huawei made the square camera design since last year ; apple and google copyied huawei.

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019In terms of smartphones: 3.5mm jack - for old, outdated ... moreFoolish.

-Jack is more versatile than BT and does not prevent you from using BT audio

- SD isn't any less secure, you can crypt it if you want. And this doesn't prevent you from getting big fast storage for apps, but also it let's you have more since you won't waste this fast storage on slow media apps that don't need it

- We have phones with waterproofing and that have user-replaceable batteries. Inform yourself.

Looks like the OEM propaganda worked like a charm on you

  • JamesMD

I think Google will have some tricks up their sleeves when it comes to the new Pixel...for starters anyone that watched this year's i/o will know that Assistant 2.0 is coming with the Pixel 4's so in terms of it being a "smart" phone i think it will be genius level. Also considering what Google can do with just one camera, i cannot wait to see what it can do with more! It took Huawei 4 cameras to beat the Pixel 3 and that's only in some areas. I actually like the design but will wait to see what they do with the front before i say love!

  • Bailey

Kingslayer, 13 Jun 2019Generation 1 iPhone (best) iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS Gener... moreSorry what has you iPhone history got to do with the Pixel 4 picture?

  • Anonymous

Kman, 13 Jun 2019Google, please make Pixel phone dual sims. You will get mor... moreYes. Even just 3 'lowly' additions in the upcoming Pixel 4 phones - (1) dual sim, (2) dedicated micro sd card slot, and (3) at least 4000mAh battery would be all that's needed for the Pixel phones to be catapulted to the top 5 android phones by market share.

Further addition of the headphone jack (4), IR blaster (5) and FM radio (6) will blow it way past Apple (#3 top spot).

But seriously, I don't think Google will put even just one of those six mentioned features mentioned above in the upcoming Pixel 4 phones. And as always, Pixel phone sales will remain poor and insignificant.

  • Hassook

its not about the rear design, its about the front top bezel new tech that google is trying to advertise!

Generation 1
iPhone (best)
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS

Generation 2
iPhone 4
iPhone 4
iPhone 5
iPhone 5S / SE (best)

Generation 3
iPhone 6
iPhone 6S
iPhone 7 (best)
iPhone 8

Generation 4
iPhone X
iPhone XS
iPhone 11
iPhone 11S

Generation 5
iPhone 12
iPhone 12S
iPhone 13
iPhone 13S

People don't think iPhone 4 and 5 are the same design generation but they practically are. Didn’t include the hideous 5C which falls with the 5 series with a glossy plastic back.

I mention iPhone because many phones follow similar patterns in design. Again, think automobiles. You don't see drastic changes for every new annual model.

I believe Google will do it perhaps every three years instead of four that Apple is doing. Could be a good-better-best pattern.

Pixel (good)
Pixel 2 (better)
Pixel 3 (best)

Pixel 4 (good)
Pixel 5 (better)
Pixel 6 (best)

  • Anonymous

Meh! Another slap looking thing that look like every other slap looking thing... mass produced in the same factories, just with a different brand name. Mark up the price 1000% and you will get a bunch of slum dwellers high-class wannabes lining up.

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019In terms of smartphones: 3.5mm jack - for old, outdated ... moreWell it's simple economics. Do Google want my money or not? It's very common to have your own judgement when your being manipulated to buy something. If Google says out loud they don't want certain sections to pay for the phone. We will look into that matter. Soon or later every one knows about give and take policy.

Kman, 13 Jun 2019Google, please make Pixel phone dual sims. You will get mor... moreAgree totally. Need Dual sim - not sim and e-sim. E is not supported very much.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019In terms of smartphones: 3.5mm jack - for old, outdated ... moreEnjoy having issues with Bluetooth not being reliable at latency and poor quality audio while not having a all week lasting battery for the wireless headphones.
Enjoy having your phone storage full and to being able to expand it unless you buy a entire new phone that has more storage.
Enjoy having issues replacing the battery while breaking the glass back of your phone.

Whackcar, 12 Jun 2019Huawei has truly become the trendsetter now. Samsung is tak... moreRoflmao... Sony says hey. Trendsetter =copying iPhone and Sony Xperia

I bet it spies more than all huawei phones combined