Google reveals Pixel 4 design, confirms dual rear cameras

12 June 2019
The actual design is similar to all the leaks we have seen so far.

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  • Kman

Google, please make Pixel phone dual sims. You will get more customers.

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 13 Jun 2019I actually think this is a smart move by Google to leak it ... moreblackberry used it first, should give credit where credit is due

  • Anonymous

Wide-angle is trendy now and one of the few things that is actually useful in reality. Personally would also enjoy an optical zoom, but can't always win. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a 3.5mm spot. Have to wait and see, perhaps atleast dual-SIM is included.

  • Love the Community

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019In terms of smartphones: 3.5mm jack - for old, outdated ... moreSo Studio Music creators like DJ Khaled and other hot shot musicians use outdated headphones? I use ATH-M50X for my Nokia 8 and there is no way that it's outdated.

As for the SD Card, what if you lost your multipurpose USB-C cable and what you have is a SD Card reader? It's best to have a second option to bring a card reader and plug it to the computer other than connecting your phone to PC with the cable.

at least make the camera square in the center

Cant wait...
I HOPE they will include the visual core proccessor or a better alternative and not only software render lik pixel 3a/3aXL.

pixel series phones doesnt have competition in terms of mobile photography. With one only camera and the vidual core proccessor beats them ALL with VEY BIG difference in quality at every aspect. Now with 2 cameras ...o GOD... i cant wait...

  • AnonD-706668

Hahaha...Now google understand that Software trick never beats a, finally they want to put second camera for proper portrait shot...

  • Bori

I hate a lot this "square camera" in all phones.

I actually think this is a smart move by Google to leak it themselves.

I was always thought they should've used swipe gestures way before Apple did it. Since Apple did it on the iPhone X, Google now looks like the copycat when even I have used it on Android for years before 2017. Before that, I used webOS.

Matias Duarte helped create Palm webOS. He joined Google by 2010. He could've easily copied his own UI for Android years before iPhone X. Now every iFanatic thinks Apple started that nonsense and Android Pie is the copycat.

So by showing us that camera hump before Apple does with the iPhone XI, Google won't look they're the ones who are the copycat. Only problem is the iPhone XI will be released before the Pixel 4. More iFans will foolishly think Apple invented everything.

At least it's officially out there shown by Google themselves. I predict it's going to be a 3-year design cycle.

Generation 1
Pixel (Nougat)
Pixel 2 (Oreo)
Pixel 3 (Pie)

Generation 2
Pixel 4 (Quiche)
Pixel 5 (R)
Pixel 6 (S)

Generation 3
Pixel 7 (T)
Pixel 8 (U)
Pixel 9 (V)

Generation 4
Pixel 10 (W)
Pixel 11 (X)
Pixel 12 (Y)

Generation 5
Pixel 13 (Z)

If you don't like this design, you may have to wait until 2022 (Android T) for a revamped one. And you can only do so much with a slab design that everything becomes homogenized.

The year 2028 will be Android Z. Who knows if Pixels are still around by then since Nexus only lasted seven generations and Pixels are still niche. Google could also change the naming scheme back to numericals or something that isn't named after something sweet or a dessert.

Google could also release a different OS much superior to Android as we know it. Something built from the ground up. Anything can happen a decade from now. Even a duration of two years is a long time in tech.

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019This camera bump was first seen on Apple XR successor.No, Huawei Mate 20-series.

Other companies are shifting to quad camera setup and Google Pixel still 2 years behind with it's dual camera setup.
For sure it will have the same RAM as Pixel 3, SD 855 by time SD 865 will be out and and the list goes on.
Google is even more greedy than Apple and that why they can't sell their Pixel phones.
The only selling point of Pixel phones were their cameras but fortunately some phones like P30 Pro showed us Pixel cameras are not the best anymore.

ZloiYuri, 13 Jun 2019Pixel phones always had quality issues. Now they are ugly too.They were alwasy ugly and now the are horrible.

  • Anonymous

aknsreddy, 13 Jun 2019Well I care less for 5g, but returning of 3.5mm jack is awe... moreIn terms of smartphones:

3.5mm jack - for old, outdated headphones and microphones
SD card slot - for old and slow devices, with no regards to data security and system performance

What's next, grandpa? Would you like to have user replaceable batteries and thus lose device waterproofing?

Well I care less for 5g, but returning of 3.5mm jack is awesome. Already pixel, OnePlus,apple, Huawei are in my never buy list. Just come out of it please.

  • Florin

Oh god, i haven't seen something more ugly :O

  • sumdumguy

Anonymous, 13 Jun 2019The 1st Pixel was the only good design. It's still the best oneAgreed. OG Pixel owner here. Good news, if Pixel 4 is a flop, we'll still get Android Q and can wait it out until Pixel 5 :)

@someone: Maybe you live in a hicktown with good LTE connection, but those of us living in big cities... I mean, if I want to access anything during rush hour, I manually switch my phone to 3G. In cities, 4G is so congested that only 5G can save us now.

Doh! I was wrong. I thought Oppo/Vivo would copy that square cameras' location first.
Google is such a copy cat.

  • Anonymous

ZloiYuri, 13 Jun 2019Pixel phones always had quality issues. Now they are ugly too.The 1st Pixel was the only good design. It's still the best one

  • someone

people commenting saying "If it has 5G i will buy otherwise no for me" ... ROFL .. it is like saying .. "if a car has auto pilot then I will buy otherwise i am not buying any car" .... 5G is in its infant stage right now .. its pretty much useless to spend on unwanted immature tech. Just wait for a year at least till the networks grow idiots !!!

I hope this is fake :D