Motorola One Action detailed specs surface, Exynos 9609 SoC and triple camera in tow

13 June 2019
It's said to be an affordable version of the One Vision.

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I'm not a fan of this naming scheme

    I don't get it why Motorola keeps making phones that barely have any USP?. They use to make great phones before, even their budget phones like G5 Plus was great. Now all of their phones are bad Moto G7 Power, G7, Z4,Vision they all are garbage phones for their price.

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      • 13 Jun 2019

      U know product manager or CEO or whoevers responsible, never ever goes outside their house

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        • 13 Jun 2019

        If the 12.6Mp is the main one, the other one will be something with lower resolution to fill the space and probably a third depth sensor... No Gcam for that Exynos to help a bit. Mali G72 MP3... Lets see what is the price, but is Motorola... around 250 euros?

        The "Action" moniker must be more for try to fool young people with some marketing. That will watch nothing of Action in that phone and shout: "Camera... Action!!!" Running away to the next phone at the shop.

        Perhaps the Pro could be more interesting but if the frame/design is the same and they don't add somethig new in the Pro like change the rear fingerprint sensor for an under display one, a "Pro" camera with OIS and stereo speakers as key points for make it attractive for around 350 euros, it'll be another flop with those Exynos. But who knows... for now, low expectations of watch something good with Android One. Seems that "Ark OS" could even arrive faster to flagship phones that Android One after years without a single one that worth mention.

          So it's literally just a watered down Motorola One Vision? No compact dimensions, no rugged design, no IP rating?

          Damn, that's a shame... So much for "Action".