It's official: no Samsung Galaxy S III at the MWC

01 February, 2012
The phone will be launched at a later date with a separate event, some time in the first half of this year.

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  • SGS 2 to SGS 3.

Better is,then that working very well!!!.

  • Anonymous

The launch will be in Turkey in March.

  • ADMordan

AnonD-40452, 01 Feb 2012Samsung's strategy is clearly working just fine. They came out w... moreTotally agree. As someone who works in the telecommunications industry i can tell you for a fact the galaxy S II has been the top of the range phone for nearly 8 monhts. It has had all kinds of phones released in that time that have challenged the Samsung Flagship and none of them have come close to it inlcuding the iPhone 4S and Xperia series. After hearing all the romoured specs of the SGSIII i can honestly say that this phone will be no different to the SGSII release. It will be MASSIVE. Its even enough to make me jump ship from HTC and trust me thats saying enough right there.

  • hitere

AnonD-40465, 01 Feb 2012Samsung is expecting more details of the new iPhone 5. Do not wa... moreI doubt that Samsung would consider copying anything from the iPhone prison.

  • Anonymous

this is a strategic move by samsung. most people would not pay attention to the MWC, consumers that love tech that would know about MWC's existence not average joes. So it doesn't hurt people to know when samsung launches the SGS3 a month after announcing it in their own event. The launch of the SGS3 would be news worthy in non-tech sites even, which would notify average joes of its existence. americans were pissed off when they had to wait 6 months for the SGS2, but now they'd only have to wait a month for the SGS3. this news would piss off tech lovers (including me), but average consumers (majority of people) are none the wiser.

  • Anonymous

i think so no company will release any quad core smartphone this year.all quadcore rumours are going to end up in dual core enhancement.the brands will be optimizing their dual core to maximize performance.there is no need of quadcore atleast 3 years,because single core smartphones with same clock speed and less than 1gb ram are performing much faster than dual cores .the current apps work on single core,while the other core remains idle and lazy. the battery life of single core smartphones is same as dual core medfield has already slapped the dual cores.all the brands must enhanced the performance by increementing l1 and l2 cache memories.

  • Jason Dean

Giv it to me baby..........waitin

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2012This is very good news for Apple, galaxy s2 hardly selling anymo... moreSGS2 is still selling well in Australia, and I would assume its similar at some other locations.

  • Anonymous

ram, 02 Feb 2012according to cnet and many other websites the best phone is sgs2... moreI totally agree on that...

  • Anonymous

This is very good news for Apple, galaxy s2 hardly selling anymore and iPhone sells like crazy and if samsung release their next flagship near to summer, this day rumours tells iPhone 5 coming summer too so this year samsung doesn't get anything free.

  • ram

according to cnet and many other websites the best phone is i think that samsung does not need to launch s3 to overtake the best until other manufactures launch some phone that is better than s2.

  • Matt

Remus ROMANIA, 01 Feb 2012People complain about the "cheap" materials, while the... moreTake a 10mm phone, wrap it in 2mm cover and you've got a 12mm phone... and that's even thicker.

I don't really understand your problem...

  • AnonD-16334

Mark, 01 Feb 2012What is so disappointing is the fact that I read that Samsung wi... moreIf Samsung releases an upgraded international version of GSII at MWC that would be the perfect phone in the history ever! I believe Sammy's GSII still has the potential to fight with others upcoming quadcore smartphones.lets hope for that

  • Anonymous

I hope Samsung will use the time well.

I have been using a S2 for 9 + Months now

Just a faster , bigger updated android phone will not be such a great deal - They will behave like apple (minus the bigger)

What the S3 must have is

1) Dual SIM
2) QWERTY , Stylus & Touch (May be a Pro version)
3) Dual Memory
4) An amazing battery life 3000mAh

  • usman

i personally think that sgs2 is still going great with speed and performance, so samsung decided to use it a little further and release a quad core phone after seeing padfone and htc phone work in real life scenarios.

  • Anonymous

thank god, because finally I want to buy S phone will be No.1

  • AnonD-23411

It's late because Samsung isn't going to release their latest dual core exynos into a time when quad core is the next thing...especially since it's their flagship droid. They'll want to wait until the quad core Exynos is finished development.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-39775, 01 Feb 2012no problem. i've already planned to buy sony xperia ion. sgs 3 i... moreWhat you just said is complete and utter BS, don't take your frustation for Nokia not keeping up with the game out on's just not working lol

  • kiloh3rtz

Cod3rror, 01 Feb 2012Apple delays iPhone 4S launch, Samsung delays S III launch, they... moreLOL so right...Well no no no your wrong samsung made the motherboard and all the parts for sg3 but they need apple to make the cover so wait up very very good phone android best os there is well to bad for those viruses which are in android market and to bad the apps comes on app store then android and to bad that all android lovers dont get a thing...Most of the android phones out there cant even run all programs from android market...why you may ask well cuz for ex samsung galaxy gio cant compare to sg2 and asphalt 6 was designed for a certain res and proc and cant run on lower cost products

  • Anonymous

Good news don't need to upgrade my GS2 yet .... it is still beasting on the 4S. Samsung has won the waiting game and will win it again this year.