iPhone XI cases show a Lightning port, offer another look at the square camera hump

25 June 2019
Olixar has published cases for the new iPhone XR model too. 

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  • Dev

Apple is coming with a stupid design. such a big space occupied with camera which makes it more prone to scratch and breaking.

If they don't know how to fit 3 camera then just follow any android phone maker

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2019so much nonsense in these comments. Lets entertain a few of... morelol perhaps state facts and not your opinion. Apple is years behind Samsung and Huawei

  • CCE

Ugly camera, big square black at the back. It looks like an attached GoPro!

  • valek

disapointed of choosed design , might be a reason Jonathan Ive left Apple. Weird looking iphone so far..

AnonD-872578, 29 Jun 2019Lightning port have no future. For evolution îs neede... moreAgree

  • AnonD-872578

CptPower, 25 Jun 2019Man apple dont support whats belongs to android such as USB... moreLightning port have no future. For evolution îs needed that fast charging man. U can not stay away from your phone for 3 hours. It sucks.

  • Ajay

This could be the ugliest design so far

  • Anonymous

iDroid, 27 Jun 2019Nope..weed is far too superior..apple is like dry fruit gon... moreLol so lame

  • Anonymous

Looks ugly as hell.

Gee, 27 Jun 2019Ok you keep telling your self that. Hmmm???
Dont understand now.

  • Anonymous

so much nonsense in these comments. Lets entertain a few of them shall we

"This is why Apple is beaten by Huawei" - Beaten in what way? Sales? Yes, overall Huawei sales are greater than Apple due to lower cost models in their range. Flagship phone sales are still dominated by Apple. A Mate or P30 won't outsell an iPhone XS.

"Right, 5G we really need. So many countries and operators are offering 5G at the moment." - Sort of. We have just had our first network launch 5G here in the UK. But it isn't 'proper' 5G. It's phase 1, with phase 2 not expected until 2022. Phase 2 is when the real speed increase and low latency and other 5G benefits will kick in. Chances are, current 5G phones wont work with these networks as the frequencies and bands have not been 100% decided yet. So I can't see a 5G iPhone just yet, not until a few more things are decided.

"Seriously! iphone is less powerful than competition, WAY TOO FRAGILE, poorly constructed. And WAY WAY WAY to expensive to buy and to repair. I am not even starting with accessories! - Ok, iPhone is one of, if not the most powerful phones around. Slam what you like about other things, but you cannot deny the quality of their chips, processor and GPU's. And I happen to think that the build quality of Apple products is far superior to most around, definitely a premium look and feel

"asking for a charging cable nearly every day cause they forgot theirs...and there is only USB-C and Micro USB in this office" - This seems weird. I definitely see WAY more lightning than USB-C cables around, peoples houses, workplaces etc.

  • Gee

CptPower, 26 Jun 2019Well it is. Like many else. Wish someone make CPH4 to b... moreOk you keep telling your self that.

  • yevona

CptPower, 26 Jun 2019Man please show me which apple phone or tablet supports USB... moreiPad pro.

  • iDroid

CptPower, 25 Jun 2019Apple is like a marihuana weed. Once you try it you canno... moreNope..weed is far too superior..apple is like dry fruit gone bad..u buy spending a fortune n swallow ur pride coz the money for a rotten fruit

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2019LOL. MacBook came out with usb type-c in 2015, over 4 years... moreWell alright you can be true.
But its obvious dont you think since now apple still uses only up to 3000 mAh on their phones and basic slow lighting charger.

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 26 Jun 2019Man please show me which apple phone or tablet supports USB... moreLOL. MacBook came out with usb type-c in 2015, over 4 years ago. Back then, hardly anyone was launching usb type-c on their products. It wasn’t mainstream among android and even PC until late 2016.

MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, iPad Pro 2018, Mac Pro 2019 support usb type-c WITH thunderbolt (thunderbolt only becoming mainstream in PC gear recently, still nowhere to be found on any Android)

Apple don’t own USB C, but they definitely were the first to mass launch/adopt it before any major tech company

CptPower, 26 Jun 2019Since when apple used USB-C??? And where maybe and only may... moreThey havnt used it before on iphones but they helped create it. They have more right than you to use it for that one reason. It doesn't mean they aren't allowed to use it whenever they would want to. It isn't only for Android. You don't make sense alot of times. U complain they over charge their users and then you complain they can't use USB c when it would save people money buying USB c chargers.

Why do u keep bringing 1600/1650 into the equation when it only applies for the highest spec iphone which most people wouldn't buy? Top of the range iphones with 64gb storage cost similar to other flagship devices. If people can afford then their choice to buy. If they want to buy cheap priced xiaomi or iphone or samsung then it's their choice and silly for you to get angry what people buy. Also, why just focus on smartphones? People buy other products all the time not just smartphones. Why don't u campaign against other types of companies like car manufacturers? Why spend crazy money on a sports car when a fiat pinto could still take u places? Luckily you only focus on smartphones otherwise your head would explode if u focused on every other products everywhere

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2019Right from the creator of the notch, the missing headphone ... moreApple didn't create the notch, that was invented by display manufacturers; it was first used by either Essential or Sharp.

Apple wasn't first to remove the headphone jack; that would be Motorola.

Apple may have been the first with a built-in battery, but at least they have endeavored to make them relatively easy to replace (ifixit giving all but the first a 6 or 7 repairability rating, with their guides listing more disassembly than necessary if you work carefully).

  • Anonymous

Baykko, 25 Jun 2019People followed the notch because it was a good idea that h... moreApple continues to use FaceID, that's why the notch remains. They'll have to significantly reduce the size of the sensors, emitter, speaker, and camera (, or switch to an under-screen fingerprint sensor) before that goes away.

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2019Do you have a shred of evidence to support such a claim, or... moreMan please show me which apple phone or tablet supports USB-C???
I kniw their laptops supports such a thing but thats the probbably the only one exceoption.
So i really dont know what do you talks about or you just insulting because you have nothing better to do.