iPhone XI cases show a Lightning port, offer another look at the square camera hump

25 June 2019
Olixar has published cases for the new iPhone XR model too. 

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  • Love the Community

I'll just wait for the iPhone 12/XII (5.4 inch 5G). Since Oppo and Xiaomi are currently doing underscreen cameras and once they're done, Apple will refine all of those problems.

  • piku

What the hell is wrong with apple and google? iPhone XI and Pixel 4 both seems ugly.Why would anyone want to invest in these ugly phones?

  • Dave


Bizzare design choice.. simply bizzare lol

Pixel 4 will have it the same way. Copy the Mate 20 Pro but don't center it. Move it to the upper left.

Another joke from Apple

  • Anonymous

that why apple is beaten by Huawei. more innovation on Huawei when it comes to the design and also to the camera rather than apple.

  • AnonD-872578

I'm the only one who thinks there is enough space for an USB Type-C?

  • Mia

Apple wants to be different. 3 cameras in vertical setup is very common design so they decided to make this triangle-ish setup. Tbh, Looks ugly :(

they said it was courageous to ditch headphone jack. it seems they don't have enough courage to kill lightning

It will be year 2030 and apple will still use up to 3000 mAh bateries and slow lightning charger option compared to even chinese competition such as Xiaomi which at that time will have even a budget phones with battery which could be charged from 0 to 100% in maybe 3 to 5 minutes.

  • Anonymous

Ugly as hell !