Nokia 803 is rumored to have the largest camera sensor to date

08 February, 2012
A fresh batch of rumored specs appears for the suspected last Symbian device.

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  • Mock

noni, 09 Feb 2012what an ugly design its very cheap looking.Beware and be ready. Nokia might just make you eat your own word.

  • AnonD-12210

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2012tremendous response?... You do know that Nokia sold less than 80... moreLumias started off in late november. Few largest markets like india got lumias in december. USA is yet to get the 800, Uk is yet to recieve the 710. The loss u r talking about is mostly due to nokia siemens joint venture. Smartphne sales increased since last quarter. Infact wp7 is a new os which will take some time to take off and its a start frm scratch for nokia . BTW amidst all those dual core devices at CES , it was the lumia 900 which stole the show ! so dont count nokia off , they will hit back hard .

  • AnonD-12210

AnonD-41413, 09 Feb 2012lmfao at ur comment. We are not here for attention atleast not f... moreTalking of attention , 95 % android plastic junks go unnoticed. Only a few like sgs2, sensation and few others get attention. But here is a dead os( according to few) which is selling millions in all over the world ( world does nt end in USA).Belle is one of the best os ever. It has taken goods of maemo and symbian. At lower price point belle is the best , where 600mhz androids struggle to kinetic scroll .Lol

  • krikesa

with this front design and 4" screen, this device will bee much too big. Screen should be big as the device itself.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2012Lol at your trolling. Nokia is taking the correct and necessary ... moretremendous response?... You do know that Nokia sold less than 800,000 Lumia 800 in Q4 2011 correct? Their "Over 1 Million Lumia sold to Date" comment included sales figures up to January 26th, which was when they released the financial report.

Nokia is hurting at over $1 Billion USD revenue loss.

Symbian ended Q4 2011 with less than 20% market share, WP7 ended Q4 2011 with 1.4% market share, these are global figures mind you, meaning all phones ALL OVER the world.

How does Nokia plan to be "10 steps ahead" of Samsung when Samsung has WP7 long before Nokia ever did? Aside from Nokia Drive what differentiates Nokia WP7 from Samsung, LG, HTC? The answer to that question is nothing, even Nokia drive isn't exclusive to Nokia devices as they can be hacked to be installed on any WP7 devices.

  • technogeek001

is that bulge in your pocket because you happy to see me, or the nokia with a huge camera... nokia is doing what most hot blooded people would do, cover up their shortcomings by overcompensating.

  • derek

hmm. design and spec are not interesting. i'll pass.

i advise nokia reconsider, or there'll be more layoffs because of this handset failure.

  • DM

Who will buy a product knowing fully well that its the last release in the entire series........Nokia is down and out......Dont think WP7 will save Nokia......

  • ...

if that buldge is gonna look exactly like that im not gonna like it.

  • SRM

Looks like C7 from side and back but like 5233 from front.Not at all a good design.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-41413, 09 Feb 2012lmfao at ur comment. We are not here for attention atleast not f... moreLol at your trolling. Nokia is taking the correct and necessary steps. Thank God it didn't adopt the monstrosity that is Android. Lumia 800 and 900 have had tremendous response.

Samsung have a lot to fear, as they are pretty much stuck with Android, as Bada is terrible. If WP7 takes off, Samsung will be at a disadvantage, as Nokia will be 10 steps ahead.

So far, every step of the way, what I've said of wp7 has been proved correct. If I am right, by the end of this year, android numbers will take a turn for the worse, stolen by WP7.

  • Anonymous

why Symbian!? why ugly design!!?
nokia whyyyyyyy!!?
better buy professional camera and cheap phone.

  • sadmanh

noni, 09 Feb 2012what an ugly design its very cheap that kinda drawing, even the iPhone's would look ugly, drawn by a kid even lol

  • AnonD-38989

Let's bow to the MASTER!

  • AnonD-41413

AnonD-2663, 09 Feb 2012Ohhhh.... the android fanboys aren't getting enough attention to... morelmfao at ur comment. We are not here for attention atleast not from u nokia guys. We are just giving our opinion that nokia's glory days are over !!! And u talk of attention, android is the most popular os. More than 60% of smartphne users opt for android. Window os users are nt evn 5%. Almost all of nokia's crap devices goes unoticed. People want a better OS(Like android or ios) packed with some seriously hardcore hardware stuff which nokia can nevr provide and dats y nokia are in loss. For android nokia phones are not evn worthy competitors. Get a life kid.....ANDROID IS FAR BETTER !!!

  • AnonD-4317

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2012I stopped reading at "Symbian"...oh yeah..?? So why did you bother commenting?

  • Atif

The design reminds me of N86 and N97. Hope it does good to the nokia line up. After being and ardent fan of Nokis (I still own and use N8 regularly)i have switched to Android. Nokia needs to work on the specs, the design most importantly, and the OS too. I think windows will not take them any where in the long run. I think its best to accept and change at this stage.

  • AnonD-1420

Given the unpopularity of Nokia phones, especially Sym^3 smartphones in recent times, I reckon this will launch and drop to ~$300 in a matter of months. If the N8 is any indicator, at that point it'll make an awesome replacement for my P&S camera: great quality stills and video, plus all the functions of a competent smartphone OS and Nokia's excellent build quality.

After using WP7 I would not consider any Sym^3 handset for my primary phone. But my P&S camera is getting a little bit long in the tooth. It'd be awfully convenient to stick in a data SIM and effectively have a great P&S camera with full access to the online world.

  • willstay

I read couple of comments below and I agree with him. This device will be sold more in number if Nokia made that a dedicated camera instead of a smartphone.

  • willstay

What a waste of resources :(