Samsung to unveil wired noise-cancelling headphones alongside Galaxy Note10

11 July 2019
The headphones will be USB-C - no headphone jack on the Galaxy Note10.

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3.5mm Jack Fetishist, 12 Jul 2019>to stop people rely on a phone 24/7 Or, a reason to no... moreListening music 24/7 is not very healthy like many else.
Jack is gone and we should be happy for that.
50 years ago seeing anyone with earphones outside was pretty rare now where i look i see walkig xmas trees wired with cables like earphones powerbanks etc.

Anonymous, 12 Jul 20192 years warranty is a must for phones near 1k, even when co... moreAgreed

[deleted post]If you use usb C earphones that frequently (Specially phone in jeans pocket), soon your charging port gonna be worn out and non functional. You might have to buy a new phone so in this case better take the risk on Bluetooth headset.

  • marble_wraith

... so where are my 2 native USB-C ports?

  • Anonymous

someone, 12 Jul 2019The bundled AKG earphones with my S9 plus are one of the be...'s AKG, not Samsung. But even if they were Samsung, they are bundled, so they won't have you buy another pair just because they've removed the jack.
As i said, their acrions make zero sense. Removing tje jack is profitable only for Apple.

  • someone

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2019With the exception of iPhone isers, i don't think people bu... moreThe bundled AKG earphones with my S9 plus are one of the best. I use it even with other devices.

is the noise canceling done independently by the headphone or assisted by the phone (like htc earphone)?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2019Bluetooth earbuds have sealed batteries that can't be repla... moreWith the exception of iPhone isers, i don't think people buy the same brand earphones as their phone. Who uses Samsung earbuds? Or Huawei? Or OnePlus? Nah all these companies removing the jack (Whith the exception of Apple. They might be the most evil among smartphone manufacturers, but their strategy works and makes sense) are insane, there's no other logical explanation. There's certainly no logical reason to remove the jack.

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2019No sd card and 64GB memory=even more useless than a phone w... moreI absolutely agree about 64gb memory. I used to think 32 was plenty so I bought LG G2 with 32gb back in the day. Boy, was I wrong! Filled up real quick!
So for my next phone, SGS7, I went with 32gb memory + 32gb card! Because its plenty, right! Wrong again!

Now I know I wouldn't buy anything with less than 128gb memory. I may not use it all, but as long as there is some free space, the phone seems to work faster (compared to 95% full memory).

Also, redmi are awesome.

  • Anonymous

Bluetooth earbuds have sealed batteries that can't be replaced. If they wear out, time to buy a new one. A maliciously engineered software update can theoretically render the bluetooth earbud batteries to drain like crazy even when they are relatively new. What this means is rapid disposal of these wireless earbuds. That's the real reason why phone manufacturers are strongly motivated to remove the 3.5mm jack. They have more control over when those bluetooth or some proprietary wireless earbuds become obsolete.

Overpriced disposable bluetooth earbuds clearly adds to their profit margin only if there's no wired choice. And users tend to buy the same brand of earbuds as their phone. That's a fact. Manufacturers can even program the phone software to detect an old model wireless earbud/off brand earbuds and produce poor, problematic, or low quality sound, making the owner think it's time to replace the bluetooth earbuds. With wired connections, they can't do those planned obsolescence strategies. Bottomline, if you buy phones without the 3.5mm jack, be prepared to replace the wireless earbuds more frequently than you think you would.

There's nothing really wrong with wireless earbuds as they have unique advantages over wired ones. In fact, I have two bluetooth earbuds. My point is, manufacturers shouldn't remove the 3.5mm jack because there are many things it can do that wireless can NEVER do. Besides, 3.5mm jacks are way TOO FAR from obsolescence. I don't see recording studios, home theater systems, audio systems and other equipment abandoning them and using exclusively wireless connections in the next 20 years or so.

I'm sorry to say that those who call the 3.5mm jack ancient or obsolete are absolutely ill-informed and brainwashed by phone manufacturers whose hidden agenda is more profit from disposable bluetooth earbuds than improved phone experience. They are disguising them as the 'future' of audio connections when the truth is, it gives them the opportunity to have better control on when you should dispose off your expensive bluetooth earbuds.

Besides, some heavy earbud/headphone users will never be at peace with the thought of bluetooth radiation continuously bombarding their brain, 4-8 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you belong to those heavy users demographic, would you take the experts' pronouncements that bluetooth radiation is still harmless even under those circumstances?

There, for everyone here who said the 3.5mm jack should die and be banished forever, I hope you get the point. Bluetooth is useful, convenient and good BUT it still CANNOT
replace wired connections, NOT NOW, not in 5 years, and not even in the next 10 years. A MANUFACTURER who truly CARES about its customers should never remove the wired option in ALL its flagship phone models. Many users still want them! Conniving to remove them when they are still widely used is purely because of GREED rather than SAVINGS (doesn't cost them a lot), DESIGN (doesn't affect waterproofing or looks) or because it's the FUTURE (we're still in the middle of the 3.5mm jack era).

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2019You sound like a desperate smartphone addict. Why would any... moreSometime people used their phone outside, and charge it using power bank while listening to their music or playing games and try not to bother other people. Dual Usb Type. C mean you can charge and use headphone at the same time.

  • Anonymous

No 3.5 MM ??????????????????????????
====> NO NOTE 10 for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

travstr, 12 Jul 2019oh my goddddd people like you are so annoying. the 3.5mm ja... moreStop lying he can even use his wired headphones. The usbc adapter cost like $1. He is just posting to annoy us, not because he has a valid point, don't give credence to such responses. They are trolls...

Kriegsherr, 12 Jul 2019What are the reasons for removing 3.5mm jack? Bigger batter... moreoh my goddddd people like you are so annoying. the 3.5mm jack has been around since the 50s/60s and is an old standard that is still useful, but has alternatives which for people like myself are way more convenient. it's great that you like to use wired earphones all the time but I personally don't at all, I only use bluetooth nowadays.

you're trying to make out like I'm some kind of sheep because I don't care about them removing the jack as if the whole phone is ruined because it isn't there. you're living in the past and that's fine, just don't buy a new phone then? buy an old one with the jack and shut the hell up.

for example, FM radios used to be in every single phone that was released a few years ago. nowadays, it's a rarity to have that feature. why? BECAUSE IT ISN'T NECESSARY ANY MORE, WE HAVE BETTER ALTERNATIVES LIKE INTERNET RADIO AND SPOTIFY STATIONS.

if everyone was as short-sighted as you we wouldn't have any technological advancements at all and we'd still be using Moto RAZRs and LG Chocolates. not every feature can continue on forever and forever, you need to move on or just buy a phone with that feature and keep it moving.

  • Anonymous

Clearly damage control on part of Samsung. The absence of a 3.5mm jack is going to take a significant toll on Note 10 sales. To appease users, Samsung bundles a non-standard (or is it substandard) USB C headphone with it. Who are you fooling Samsung? Good luck on Note 10 sales. My treadmill, home theater and audio system certainly don't allow bluetooth or USB C music playback from phone. I'm not about to replace them or buy a usb c to 3.5mm adapter
just to accommodate the Note 10's handicap. You should know that the 3.5mm jack is not just for wired headphones and earbuds. It's for universal compatibility with lots of other equipment that accept audio input while providing only the highest audio quality without that nasty wireless compression.

  • Anonymous

Anders, 11 Jul 2019If the Note10 isn't going to have a headphone jack then it ... moreYou sound like a desperate smartphone addict. Why would any sensible company even consider adding a second USB-C port? That is the most asinine thing I've read in this comment section. Stop being a typical brain-dead phone zombie and go do something else while your phone is charging.

AnonD-794992, 12 Jul 2019The removal of the 3.5mm jack is just to force the consumer... moreremoval of headphone jack has nothing to do with space. apple came up with the idea of new wireless airpod business so they needed to do something so people would be forced to buy their 170 bucks airpods. android manufacturers were blind follower of apple then just removed the jack. The worst is the dumb users who started showing logic for it. future/convenient/smart bla bla bla. Ha ha ha.

  • Anonymous

LOL it's fun reading all the pissed off comments, the jack is dead folks and I'm glad Samsung is finally ditching it. Did you really think it was going to be around forever? Soon the only phones to offer it are cheap, low-specced ones that are popular in third world countries like India and China.

  • Anonymous

Last warning, 12 Jul 2019Stop supporting jack. Buy a bluetooth headset! Migrate now ... moreI will use wireless when Woo audio DAC/amps replacing jack port with usb-c as audio output

  • Jackie-chan

Last warning, 12 Jul 2019Stop supporting jack. Buy a bluetooth headset! Migrate now ... moreOh really? Do you have any idea how bad those things are? You can buy great wired headphones with a find wireless headphone money.
İf you consider to buy a chi-fi iem your money brings even mode value; noise canceling, high resolution audio quality, upgradable cable, heck you can even use a Bluetooth extension though they alone as expensive as a Bluetooth headset the results are better than having a straight wireless product.
Having the option of wireless headset is ok but forcing the customers to one direction is unacceptable, we are not a herd of sheeps.

And one last thing, not everyone uses crappy spotify songs, we prefer the real stuff; 320 kbps mp3 if it can't be a .FLAC file.