Samsung to unveil wired noise-cancelling headphones alongside Galaxy Note10

Ivan, 11 July 2019

Samsung's Galaxy Note10 is shaping up to be a great phone, but nice surprises may stretch beyond the device itself. Popular Twitter tipster Roland Quandt reports that Samsung will unveil wired in-ear headphones with active noise-cancelling alongside the Galaxy Note10. It's not clear whether the headphones will come in the retail box or as part of some special edition.

What is clear is that the headphones will be USB-C and not 3.5mm - because the Galaxy Note10 won't have a 3.5mm jack.

Quandt also shares that the EP-N5200 wireless charger made for the Galaxy Note10 will indeed be specced to deliver 20W of charge.

Earbuds above are for illustrative purpose only!

Earbuds above are for illustrative purpose only!

Finally, Samsung will unveil a 9W wireless charging phone holder at some point - probably for use in the car.

And in case you've missed our earlier story about the Galaxy Note10 - here are a few press renders of the actual phone.


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  • AnonD-731363
  • 15 Jul 2019
  • Lfw

Listening music 24/7 is not very healthy like many else. Jack is gone and we should be happy for that. 50 years ago seeing anyone with earphones outside was pretty rare now where i look i see walkig xmas trees wired with cables like earphones p...


If you use usb C earphones that frequently (Specially phone in jeans pocket), soon your charging port gonna be worn out and non functional. You might have to buy a new phone so in this case better take the risk on Bluetooth headset.

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