Four HTC Wildfire models leak, more may be on the way

17 July 2019
Wildfire, Wildfire E, Wildfire E Plus and Wildfire E1 - that's a whole family of entry-level phones. HTC has also trademarked Wildfire E2, E3 and R.

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Adul Al Salami Kebab, 13 Aug 2019HTC is trying to gain market-share, these phones are not aimed a... moreHTC never disappoints when it comes to design, they're unique in some way regardless of price.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

HTC is trying to gain market-share, these phones are not aimed at enthusiasts at all... Sucks for the HTC fans tough but the fact is HTC does not afford to only listen to this crowd during these hard times...

This is a very good idea but the phones should have at least 3gb of Rams and above.I pray for success to you.
Then for the HTC E1 the one with single camera,i think the back camera should be re-arranged and add a little design back.Thank you

Turning back to ancient phones with new cape could be a good strategy but i am not sure if it will be sucesfull or not.
Only a time will tell.

  • Awsome name

Other company - this year we plan to success! this is our Goal :)
HTC = this year we plan to fail! this is our Goal to make our fans upset! oh yeah baby!


htc still in the year of 2017.... i hate to say this.... but HTC better to exit mobile market than burning their money with phone like this... no one will buy... That big bottom chin bezel... holy cow...

Probably the designers at HTC are locked up in a cave for few years and designing phones without seeing what other phone makers are doing now. If they continue in this path, then their end is near.

R. I. P... HTC

  • Anonymous

MediaTek again? Big fail by HTC. There are many mid range Snapdragon processors available. And don't try to say MediaTek is better. I've used both.

  • Anonymous

Urgh.. cmon htc... Wildfire should be compact, desire should be midrange, one series should be flagship/ premium .. figure it out htc.. figure it out.. old design + updated hardware will win your fans back.. front facing speakers, unibody design, one of the best oem in audio .

Give the wildfire e a 3 or 4gb ram version and I'll give it a go, screen size is just what I want

  • Balonk0

lol. they start to make toys for kids? i predict a big future from now..

This is hard to see. Do whatever makes you happy HTC

rip htc

  • Anonymous

Great way for HTC to burn away the little money they have left. From being a top flagship contender some 4-5 years ago to a good budget choice in the developing world. In the flagship world they're now non existent and even in the developing world where o work no one dreams of owning a HTC.

  • M

And without a flagship in 2019? HTC is almost dead.

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2019Wasn't Wildfire just terrible back in the day?What phone wasn't Bad in that era,it was experiencing times back then,trouble is we are all spoilt now,too much to quick, great phone in its day,loved mine even tho it was a bit slow !

The only interesting phone of the bunch is the Wildfire E. There's a undeniable shortage of compact phones these days, so it's nice to see phones like this pop up every once in a while.

  • LS

As always, HTC's batteries are too small. Even when their flagships were good, the battery was always a deal breaker for me.

HTC doesn't seem to want to compete with other brands with good entry-level phones (Nokia, Motorola, Xiaomi...). The prices of these new phones would need to be REALLY low to sell.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2019I stopped reading once I saw the words 'Mediatek' , '720P' , and... more... I stopped reading when I saw 'HTC'

So much hate, give HTC the benefit of the doubt.