New leak details Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ screen resolutions, battery capacities

22 July 2019
As we get closer to the August 7 grand unveiling of the duo, more and more information is starting to come out.

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  • Anonymous

Pass... I'd rather wait it out until Samsung gains their sanity back with the price, remove that stupid "mole" off the screen, yes a popup front cam and above all when they're ready to get AMD Radeon IP GPU for the next Exynos ready.

This one? I say every urgent phone upgraders should instead go and clear out the leftover Note 9 inventory wherever you see one you're bound to save a lot with markdowns anyways.

  • Anonymous

Audio zoom like Htc phones, but still will advertisemasmnew thing never seen before on Earth.

I would be ok if the base Note10 was called... Note10e, but since this supposedly the normal Note10, i guess the Note9 has better specs than this Apple phone.

  • Anonymous

LOL WTF are they smoking? Resolution, screen size and battery downgrade AND no 3.5m jack at that. Only an iPhone lover could buy that overpriced POS and support company's evil policy.

  • Ed

6.8 inch and you still call it a phone?

come on world, make 6 inch as a maximum size, but reduce the dimensions
you can sell 'tablet' for a gadget above that size

  • Model

Samsung own chip

Giving low battery backup, example s10, +

  • Anonymous

Design and color scheme is Huawei P30 Pro copy.

  • Anonymous

This years notes are gonna be quite underwhelming. They bring nothing new and have headphone jack. A feature that has always played a huge factor in peopleā€™a decision to get a note of phone. Asus rog phone 2 will better in every way except the camera, wireless charging and water resistance rating.

  • Rick

Nobody is interested now in just screen resolution and battery capacities..