ZTE nubia Red Magic 3 - your questions answered

25 July 2019
Before the full review drops here are some answers to your specific questions about the device.

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  • cali
  • ati
  • 17 Oct 2021

Im facing an issue with the eye care mode how ever its not clear at all as the previous version since I updated it doesn't allow me to go back to the clear vision

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    • Anonymous
    • YQQ
    • 22 Mar 2021

    Does red magic 3s compitable with USB 3.0 devices

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      • Cardova
      • sEG
      • 15 Mar 2021

      how to deactivate game mode in nubia red magic 3s because of the button suddenly an error

        My Nubia Red Magic 3s is malfunctioning, the Game Mode or Game Space is going ON and OFF on its own, and frequently i cannot turn it off, can anyone help me how to fix this??

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          • Anonymous
          • 0C0
          • 21 Aug 2020

          My red magic shut down while i was updating system software. It doesn't open. Do u have any solution?

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            • Silver
            • 7X1
            • 29 May 2020

            Does nubia have the ability to turn off unused apps automatically? To maintain its stability

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              • XTi
              • 09 Mar 2020

              can't show incoming callers id i mean name and number..

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                • rony
                • rKD
                • 14 Oct 2019

                in the nubia red magic 3 can we find call recording mode in this phone

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                  • AnonD-731363
                  • SH3
                  • 29 Jul 2019

                  As a first review or answering ordinary people questions its awesome thanks a lot.

                    Kangal, 27 Jul 2019Yep, but sooner or later, they will come. Until then, it's... moreYes it will come but not soon we have just gotten PS2 emulator in beta so we are a few years away from PS3

                      LG Superfan, 26 Jul 2019As far as I know there is no PS3 emulator and PC one is bei... moreYep, but sooner or later, they will come.
                      Until then, it's good to have a list of a couple titles that are known to be graphically-demanding to really test the system. I mean, not too long ago, we started getting better PS3 emulation performance running on the handheld GPD Win2.

                      Knowing we'll get even better optimisation/software on the emulator, and even more powerful hardware (Intel 10nm/AMD 7nm) on a GPD Win3, is great to hear. And it'll mean that Android handheld's won't be an impossibility away.

                        Kangal, 26 Jul 2019My other comment got deleted, but I'll try to re-type it he... moreAs far as I know there is no PS3 emulator and PC one is being developed so it will take alot of time to reach phones

                          Kangal, 26 Jul 2019I've seen it listed with USB 3.0 and TV-Out support. I've a... moreYes that is pretty much our analysis on the current state of the Red Magic 3. There are plenty of promises still up in the air.

                            taghack, 26 Jul 2019Displaylink is very different from native video out support... moreI've seen it listed with USB 3.0 and TV-Out support. I've also seen it listed with IP65, f/1.7 features, and even a 8k/30fps mode coming.

                            But after a couple months, I've seen all of those advantage/specs getting lost. They can still be technically correct, but for now they look like exaggerations.

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                              • Dometalican
                              • 7BB
                              • 26 Jul 2019

                              Crackling Doom, 26 Jul 2019Really? There's no software updates? From what I heard, if you sideload the Chinese ROM, you get more features and updates. Nubia needs a Global ROM team considering their last 2 phones haven't had updates for a while either.

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                                • Dometalican
                                • 7BB
                                • 26 Jul 2019

                                Anonymous, 26 Jul 2019What about 4kp60, and high data rate under open camera? I ... more4K@60fps is supported. Video reviews of the phone showcase it as an option.

                                  dladz, 26 Jul 2019Q: Does it support video out via Type-C port? Can you use t... moreDisplaylink is very different from native video out support. We tested the Red Magic 3 extensively with standard USB Type-C Alt mode adapters, as well as Slimport and MHL. None of these work. And judging by the absence of video out on nubia's own dock for the Red Magic 3 we can only assume there is no way to get a video out signal from the pogo pins as well. Now, if you want to capture or stream what is on the display of the phone there are plenty of solutions of there. They are just not the same thing.

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                                    • dladz
                                    • Snr
                                    • 26 Jul 2019

                                    Q: Does it support video out via Type-C port? Can you use the phone as a touchpad and a TV as a monitor? Does it has a desktop mode?

                                    A: Unfortunately video out on the Red Magic 3 is not possible at the moment. Disgruntled owners have been bringing this up with nubia online and there have been some vague promises that this might come in a future update. However, we wouldn't bet on that since the Type-C port currently only houses a USB 2.0 connection. So clearly it wasn't a major priority. Even the optional dock accessory can't do video out.

                                    Ok so you are wrong here, you may not be able to use USB-C - HDMI

                                    However you can use a displaylink dock to TV out from literally any device.

                                    including the RM3

                                    Sort it out GSMArena

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                                      • 7tn
                                      • 26 Jul 2019

                                      What about 4kp60, and high data rate under open camera? I thought 4kp60 was supported, but I understand 4kp30 is maximum.

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                                        • 7tn
                                        • 26 Jul 2019

                                        Did you test where ever the 8k and slowmo 1920 is not real and is interpolated, like has been suggested? Low compression data rate can force obsessive smoothing out of detail making it look more interpolated. That's one reason to avoid low data rate phone video.