Nokia 9.1 PureView will come with Snapdragon 855, 5G and a better camera

29 July 2019
Light is helping with the camera development.

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  • Lightning McQueen
  • sBN
  • 30 Jul 2019

SD 855 or SD 855+, 5G modem, bigger battery (4000mah), 5 cameras, but with different functionality (telephoto, ultra wide angle, monochrome, depth sensing), upgrade to ip68, add micro SD up to 1TB support, stereo speakers, headphone jack and lastly... price have to be at least USD$450 or below.

In conclusion, with all the useful features bringing and special tricks on sleeves on the Nokia 9.1 PV, it will be the best phone of 2019!!!

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    • Tom
    • LGd
    • 29 Jul 2019

    Anonymous, 29 Jul 2019and a price range 850-900?How it should be. It's not a charity.

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      • Anonymous
      • 8x$
      • 29 Jul 2019

      5G sucks, also 4G sucks to be honest, they offer high speeds but you can just transfer a few GB of data, so it's useless! Rather, work on a huge performance increase for cameras

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        • Ivr
        • 29 Jul 2019

        Take a photo in the morning, and watch it appear in the gallery during lunch.. that's what they should work on! A normal photography performance!

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          • msZ
          • 29 Jul 2019

          who the hell needs 5G?

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            • mZx
            • 29 Jul 2019

            and a price range 850-900?

              With price up to 700 and 5x 64Mpix camera or better this could be ace in the hole or the very best ca,era phone ever created.

                Well at the end of the year they can make it with SD865 at that time.
                And they can add 5x 64MPix camera or better.
                Just to be far ahead of other competitors.

                  ZloiYuri, 29 Jul 2019Foxconn (aka Hmd Global(aka "nokia")) just cannot make prop... moreBut thats a lie.
                  Even the current Nokia 9 doing excellent photos worth every penny,
                  And the awesome bokeh effect.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • m5k
                    • 29 Jul 2019

                    Less cameras not more. The 9 was too niche and the results weren't all that impressive for standard photo taking given the number of cameras involved. Nokia needs to do the reverse, now use 1 nice big fat sensor like the 808 and 1020. Then find which is better 5 camera or 1 big one.

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                      • booldega
                      • S0Y
                      • 29 Jul 2019

                      So they released the Nokia 9 with Snapdragon 845 when the 855 was available and next they will release the 9.1 when the 855 Plus will be available and near to the 865 presentation
                      This will be the second time they release their flagship too late in comparison to other smartphone brands, they have too speed up, Nokia 9.1 needs of course better camera quality but also a bigger battery

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                        • YQM
                        • 29 Jul 2019

                        for night photography and better video recording, nokia 9.1 pv needs ois on all 5 sensors, and also change the camera software nokia, implement the camera app from open source camera so that apk can capture photo very quickly (within 0.001 sec delay)(between1/10 to 1/1000+ shutter speed) and if using sd 855 then overclock it to 2.96ghz to match with sd855+ or else use sd855+

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                          • AnonD-819322
                          • 3aW
                          • 29 Jul 2019

                          Hopefully, Nokia makes the Nokia 9.11 PureView with BOMBPROOF durability. Fact - Ma boi Laden had a Nokia N97, might get it for my collection just for that reason alone.

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                            • Riz
                            • KZK
                            • 29 Jul 2019

                            Anonymous, 29 Jul 2019Bitterly disappointed with Nokia lately. Really poor design... moreWhere is like button....? #gsmarena plz made like button for comment..!

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                              • Jim
                              • 0Wh
                              • 29 Jul 2019

                              No no, the 855 Plus is the latest one, not the 855. And who knows if the 856 will be ready then.

                              But it doesn't matter, with fixed focus, no OIS, etc. It'll fail again. Light's smoke chapter 2.3.1 HMD Purefooling chapter Learn our Light software post-processing to achieve average night "not live" pictures 3.1.3!!!

                              A real big sensor like old original !!!! and not fake Nokias. Or, at least, do like Huawei with flexible cameras in a pack and reasonable size. NOT an unuseful matrix of unknown chinese sensors under the Zeiss and Light smoke wall...

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                                • Another flop.
                                • nC4
                                • 29 Jul 2019

                                It will be another flop, with being late to the party, releasing phone with already kind of old chip and new ones coming out soon, also having no wide or zoom lens is a big miss.
                                Yet I hope for Nokia to start releasing proper flagships with leading cameras, but at this point it seems as wrong approach.

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                                  • Moj
                                  • L2n
                                  • 29 Jul 2019

                                  Fainaly the phone i wanted and can upgrade from my note 8 to it and keep my passport as second device!(yes i do doual carry)
                                  Also what the f**k is with you people call it old design? What supposedly new designs bring for us expect harder to hold phone and much more fregile screens?

                                    : By the time the Nokia 9.1 comes out next year with the Snapdragon 855. The Snapdragon 865 will be in all the new 2020 flagship phones. It will still be a year behind !!!

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                                      • AnonD-706668
                                      • X{Y
                                      • 29 Jul 2019

                                      For me don’t need daytime camera performance...I only want low light camera performances...if so, then I am waiting for this phone

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                                        • Carol
                                        • mgK
                                        • 29 Jul 2019

                                        M, 29 Jul 2019I don't belive anything what they (HMD) say. First, Nokia 9... moreThe camera is actually very good. The app needs some ajustments, and some tweaks to boost performance