Google reveals Pixel 4 will have face unlock and motion gestures

29 July 2019
Includes iPhone X-style secure facial recognition system as well as advanced motion gestures.

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PeterThePanda, 01 Aug 2019Oh, you mean Samsung worst S series phone? Pretty sure the so ca... moreClearly you care. Lol. Otherwise you wouldn't try to defend the useless pixel. The world's most expensive beta phone, that the users has to pay fully for, so they can help fixing the next generation. It doesn't matter how it works, it has been seen before and used before. So the huge "hype" over the brand "new" feature is overkill. Just like when Apple brags about something new, while the experienced users already know the features.

Btw, it's sad to hear that you never tried to be at a BBQ party. Using your phone completely handfree, was one of the best features any phone could have.

Zendroid, 31 Jul 2019So you only focus on 1 thing they copied. Gj m8. Look at more pi... moreOh, you mean Samsung worst S series phone? Pretty sure the so called Motion Sense using radar is different from the S4's garbage "Air Gestures" which relies on an infrared sensor. The Galaxy S4 is probably one of the worst S series phones in terms of features because of excessive bloat and useless gimmicky features.

Sure, we can all admit that the Pixel 4"copied" or for a better word "inspired" several features from Samsung's worst Galaxy S series phones. But no one cares anymore if you're "first" especially if the first one is a crap version, unless you're a diehard fan. No use slapping so many useless gimmicks and features on a phone that users will likely not use because they're too finicky to use or just add more bloat to the system.

Wonder when they'll incorporate a 360 camera? Niche, yes, but something slightly fresher.

sumdumguy, 30 Jul 2019Based on the schematic of the front panel - am I to understand ... moreBe mental if they do, was well received. Hopefully they keep wide, and crop it, if necessary.

PeterThePanda, 30 Jul 2019Yeah, but Google's expected implementation of 3D Face Unlock wil... moreIDK, I'm pretty sure Apple would've sent out a software update already if it could do horizontal scanning

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2019Do you even have any idea how the motion sensor work?Seems like you are too young to know what the s4 could do. Now try to look at videos about it. Comment back after you learned something about this copy.

PeterThePanda, 30 Jul 2019Don't compare that stupid Photo aka "face" unlock (from like And... moreSo you only focus on 1 thing they copied. Gj m8. Look at more pictures and videos of pixel 4. Then look at the videos from sgs4. Now you will get a bit smarter and learn more, before you comment.

RejZoR, 30 Jul 2019Lol, yes we do know. Infrared is literally just heat, but at suc... moreInfrared is heat radiation and that radiation will directly hit your retinas. Have a look at iPhone X discussion forums regarding eye strain and headaches. It's going to be a problem. These manufacturers are chasing gimmicks with no scientific and health research. Why, Google, why!?­while-using-iphone-x.2085427

Pixel 4 will be my next phone for sure! The amount of tech is amazing and the quality of the implementation probably will be outstanding as well especially after seeing how they improved haptic feedback, camera and software. Regarding the design I actually think that this is the best approach as there is no good solution to hide sensors behind the screen.

  • gogu

well played google, that's how you get faces of ppl with their own consent to build a big database

  • Anonymous

Don't know where the hate coming from, I've used Face ID find it faster than current under screen FPS and unlocking your phone without hands definitely has it's convenience. I'm quite happy to see an Android flagship using the safer more secure form of face ID, it's called having more choices people, don't like it there's plenty of other great flagships available, thats the beauty of android have you guys forgotten?

  • Anonymous

Schlafwandler, 30 Jul 2019Totally useless gimmick. Instead of using a bigger sensor and be... moreAnd still able to achieve better quality than higher MP sensors, ii doesn't depend on sensor itself

  • NoName

Android is moving to inDisplay Fingerprint and Google is doing Apple's Face ID. Is this a joke ?

Totally useless gimmick. Instead of using a bigger sensor and better camera tech for the main camera, they will stick for sure with this old and tiny 12 mp sensor. And implement such useless BS that nobody cares about. Congrats, Google!

  • Mata

Can't wait holding this device in my hands!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2019Google exec: guys, we need new things to sell our phone this yea... morelol but soli is their own project am I right?

  • Reijail Da

Too late as usual. When many people wait for Samsung's latest iris scanner, Google will just start motion gestures.
Motion gestures are the past, in my opinion forget the past.

  • sumdumguy

Based on the schematic of the front panel - am I to understand they're getting rid of the group-selfie camera?

Galaxy s4 had ot like 6 years ago lol

Not a very compelling feature to tease. Even if it's capable of doing a lot more, why tease such a simplistic thing like a woman unlocking a phone and using her hand to swipe at a distance. It actually looks like a snippet that came straight from a Apple keynote address for the iPhone X 2 years ago.