Google reveals Pixel 4 will have face unlock and motion gestures

29 July 2019
Includes iPhone X-style secure facial recognition system as well as advanced motion gestures.

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I like it, but I'm not sure if the motion gesture is a great idea on smartphones... I feel like it would make more sense on TVs, Tablets, Laptops, Monitors.

We hold our smartphones in our hands 90% of the time, the 10% is usually on the table or on a flat surface - are we really that lazy? (yeah, probably, but still)

I kinda like the full size display, but I sure do hope that the camera on the rear is a normal and a wide angle one, that's the new trend + it's far better than having zooming options IMO

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iPhone FTW!!! No Beta testing like Overpriced pixel

Best OS iOS and Best video recorder ever!!! Also Better App Quality and Game Library

  • Anonymous

Just playing catch up w/ the new iPhones... besides the Soli tech, it really isn't that different.

great stuff google, only it shouldn't be on phones, Soli makes sense more on TVs and Speakers and even home nests
on a phone, our screens are literally called TOUCH SCREENS

Google is always mocking Apple before doing the same thing that they mocked Apple for