Google reveals Pixel 4 will have face unlock and motion gestures

29 July 2019
Includes iPhone X-style secure facial recognition system as well as advanced motion gestures.

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  • Anonymous

Google exec: guys, we need new things to sell our phone this year. What do you guys have?
HTC: well we have the squeeze thing
Google exec: dude, we did that already. LG, you've been quiet. Say something.
LG: errr, well... We do have this wavy hand thingy.
Google exec: good, we'll take that hand wavy thingamajic.
LG: but.. our phone didn't get that much good reception for it...
Google exec: don't worry. We slap Pixel brand on it and those demonetized youtubers will go gaga
Intern: hey boss, I just watched that old Apple keynote you asked me to where they introduced FaceID...
Google exec : oh yeah, you're still here intern? Ctrl-C and ctrl-V that. Alright people, great meeting

  • saw089

it flies and has stylus :D

  • AnonD-706668

So, I think I don’t need to purchase pixel phone

  • AnonD-706668

Today I took 10 Burst photo using a iOS app named Fast Camera using my iPhone 6s and averaging them with photoshop...and got same noise reduction technique as Google Pixel without effecting any details..,

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2019Squezing (like it didnt work for HTC), hands gestures (like it d... moreActually no one ask for cos no one has thought this is possible lolol. Just like how no one ask for night sight, they all want bigger sensor but who would have thought it's possible to get low light photos like that with a small sensor.

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2019Poor decision. I definitely prefer a fingerprint reader. It is n... moreLol, yes we do know. Infrared is literally just heat, but at such low output levels it's not affecting us in any way (opposed to a 2000W bathroom infrared heater that makes you all nice and warm). And all other radio (Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE etc) are electromagnetic radiation which is non ionizing. It may theoretically affect electrical impulses in our body and maybe give you a headache or affect your mood in worst case scenarios, but cannot affect DNA or cause cancer as a result which is usually a result of DNA malfunction and cells sperging into weird growth as a result.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2019Squezing (like it didnt work for HTC), hands gestures (like it d... moreAssuming this is really soli tech, then no one has offered gesture recognition as fine as this in a smartphone before.

  • Anonymous

If it comes with face unlock then I would not buy Pixel 4. Fingerprint is the best way to unlock a phone.

I was interested in this Pixel 4 to replace my Lumia 950... This Lumia has an IR face unlock whne i bough it and... It's was useless... Not because of windows phone or anything but because having the phone perfectly in front of me... it's never happening. It's on the table or on my lap but not likely i will have it strait.
I would prefer 100 times somethings with a good stereo speaker or implement something using the resonance on a table and be able to listen to music in the whole room without any saturation on the sound.

  • Anonymous

Squezing (like it didnt work for HTC), hands gestures (like it didnt work gor LG) and finally face recognition (like it didnt work ever for apple as the sales goes down like crazy, and people still buy iphone 7/8, not even mentioning Xiaomi mi 8 for example, if it was such a success, they would continue with this technology). From this once innovative company we have this - bringing technologies no ones asked for, and ignoring actual trends, but unlike apple - with no customer base/fanboys/"cool" perception at all. What is going to be new technology in pixel 5? Iris scanner? :D

Oh that is sick! And completely useless.

AnonD-794992, 30 Jul 2019Please spare us with this copying things borring arguments. If... moreHahaha exactly that's what I say, technology isn't a copy thing it's just an upgradation from one to other

Walter C. Dornez, 30 Jul 2019True, though it does have the 3D depth scannerYeah, but Google's expected implementation of 3D Face Unlock will be like that of the iPad Pro which works in any orientation. Apple could probably do that to the iPhone X series though (unlocking at any orientation), probably with a software update.

PeterThePanda, 30 Jul 2019Apparently. Although it appears that the Find X uses only 15,000... moreTrue, though it does have the 3D depth scanner

Walter C. Dornez, 30 Jul 2019Didn't the Oppo Find X have it?Apparently. Although it appears that the Find X uses only 15,000 IR dots unlike the iPhone X series that has 30,000 dots.

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2019And mi 8Nah, that was just infrared. Wasn't true 3D depth scanning

  • Anonymous

Walter C. Dornez, 30 Jul 2019Didn't the Oppo Find X have it?And mi 8

PeterThePanda, 30 Jul 2019Don't compare that stupid Photo aka "face" unlock (from like And... moreDidn't the Oppo Find X have it?

  • User

htc making the google phones.

  • Anonymous

Note7 owner, 30 Jul 2019These phones are one fall away from a visit to the repair center. Great software/OS support nullified by Google's flip flopping on their services.
Launch. Abandon. Launch redundant services/chatting apps.
Repeat indefinitely.