Google's Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL to sport 90Hz displays, rear camera details leak

07 August 2019
The latest rumor also brings us more information about battery capacities and memory versions.

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  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 08 Aug 2019Speaking of the number 4, my cousin gave me his Nexus 4 which wa... moreI still use my original Nexus 5 (the red one, which is more a hi-vis orange) as a backup phone, it sits at home logged in to my Google account for easy access should I lose other methods of access (it can happen). I'm always surprised how good the thing is when I go to use it. OK, battery is terrible now, and never really was very good, but the screen is lovely, it's quick enough, and even the camera is reasonably good considering the age. The only real issue I ever had was flaky 5GHz wifi - it never really worked properly, and still doesn't.

  • Anonymous

yogivansh, 08 Aug 2019Google is such a big company no worries for fund and R& D th... moreTheir goal for the Pixel series is to showcase the new version of Android and make a little money on the side for it. Its not to go toe to toe with Samsung and co. They do not want to upset those big players because otherwise, they will move away from Android. Android strength comes from its variety and strength in depth. Different features and makers etc. That is why they are number 1 used OS in the world. More than OS X, MS windows, iOS etc. Android will take you globally with support everywhere. You can't get that even on iOS.

  • Nickie

What about dual sim?

  • Oof

Disappointed, 10 Aug 2019This phone is as disappointing as Pixel 3... I am tired of wait... moreKenM?

  • Disappointed

This phone is as disappointing as Pixel 3...
I am tired of waiting for a proper Pixel with a normal amount of RAM and storage...
I think I'll switch to iPhone this year...

  • Anonymous

say sike right now

  • Mike

Android buffing out it's flaws with hardware once again. This time with 90Hz displays to smooth out on screen transitions that low level code is unable to. RAM is the same story, in order to prevent leak and garbage accumulation they bump up hardware RAM.

  • Anonymous

google pixel will be perfect if hardware is made by another company ( like samsung known for his amazing hardware and spec ) , and software made by google .

  • Adi

I think google is deliberately staying behind competition in order to copy Apple in that regards. LoL

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019-> Yeah pixel 3 is outperforming all 100$ phones in market. S... more a barebones version of android?
This is what a normal person wants... To don't lose time with complicated stuff to gain good and simple results(mails, maps, calls, photo)!

Other phones are good because you keep manual backups at home... or press 7 buttons to send a message not only your voice... ... ... but compensate with 10gb of useless RAM because you will never play 2 games at the same time...

  • MV

The Author made it sound like, it is a bad thing.
Next year Oneplus like company will come with 16GB RAM, 12 GB in base. That is crazy, fighting over just hardware is pointless nowadays.

I am using Pixel 2xl from 2 years now, and have used oneplus 2 as well for 3 years, and have used nexus 5 as well, plus samsung galaxy s2, htc One X, Htc wildfire, Motorola G Series, Redmi, Realme.

From Bottom to Top, all variants of Android.

But I feel, Pixel gives you the most fulfilling experience. A perfect phone is a myth in 2019, maybe 2020 as well. So might be 2021 if we still feel other vendors are giving perfect experience phone, then maybe this article would make sense.

AND If Pixel can be the best camera with 1 lens giving all those details to its AI, think what happens if that AI is getting data from 3 different sources of same location.


Peachy001, 08 Aug 2019These "copying" arguments bore me to tears. Circles, squares, re... moreI know... These people are like little kids!

Georgi, 08 Aug 2019Huawei had the square camera first in 2018 ,nobody cloned any iP... moreThese "copying" arguments bore me to tears. Circles, squares, rectangles have been done for years. Lumia had circles, Huawei had squares, everyone tried rectangular.

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Do you really need to watch videos for 10hrs a day on your phone... moreUnlikely, but that is how GSM measure. Realistically, 3-4 hours SoT is all this will give. In 12-18 months time it'll be even worse. Seriously, these days flagships from Google are a high-end camera and mid to low range everything else.

uk7866, 08 Aug 2019Very true. These YouTube 'influencers' are heavily biased.They're diabolical. If I hear another one describe the phones as "glass and metal design for that premium feel'. Drives me bonkers, should say "yet another boring, fragile, functionally inferior device". That would be closer to the truth.

Kingslayer, 08 Aug 2019Smaller battery is the real bummer. I'm hoping it is wrong. Such a waste to produce a phone with that size battery. Samsung managed to cram more in with the S10e, including a headphone jack, 3100mA battery. Google bring 2800mA. Good lord!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Do you really need to watch videos for 10hrs a day on your phone... moreDo you really need to use your phone to type out that nonsense ? Get a life man

  • Arccosinus

Where are camera innovations? I expected goigle to use a 21 or 20 Mp 1/1.7 main sensor instead of this old crap. What's with you, guys? You can't rely solely on software. They could've brought 40 mp 1'1.7 sensor as well and come up with super res zoom-like algorithm to eliminate downsides of the quad Bayer pixel array. We demand a much better hardware. The hardware worth of the beatiful software you've created

Huawei had the square camera first in 2018 ,nobody cloned any iPhone , plus how can you clone something that is not out yet .­.php

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019xz2 premium uses 144Hz display? Are you dumb?I am not dumb.

I know XZ2 Premium has 144Hz the same way I know it uses WRGB screen, despite not being mentioned by any tech site.
The same way I knew 3 weeks before MWC that Xperia 1 would use triple 12MP, two of them are Isocell.
The same way I know 10/10+ were developed as XA3 series, not as part of new series.